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  1. ldrus

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    any one willing to share some pepper seeds  for this years planting  wanting to try my hand at the hot sauce making yummmm
  2. daveomak

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    Ikrus, evening.... I been waiting for someone to help you out....  I'll reboot this thread to make it "undead",...  I do not think my peppers matured enough last summer... don't think they will sprout....  Cold cold summer.. Dave
  3. wow been a member since 07 shoot me a snailer and i'll get some goodies out for you.  Do you prefer Super Hot like TS, Bhut, Fatali, or med-mild.  I have a huge selection of seeds and sure I can find something to your liking.
  4. pineywoods

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    Pm me your mailing info too and I'll see what I can come up with
  5. thoseguys26

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    Go to an organic store or farmers market and buy the peppers you want to grow and use their seeds. I did this with habenaros last summer and I was amazed. Just dry them and then fold them in a wet paper towel and place that in an open zip lock bag. Watch them sprout tails and plant them right away.
  6. This may or may not give you the type of plant you are looking for.  Peppers are notorious for cross pollinating if you have multiple varieties growing close to each other.  If you do get a cross and you have a superhot next to say a pablano you may end up growing a plant that gives you NO HEAT at all.  So it is somewhat of a gamble as you may end up growing a plant and not getting what you accepted.

    Just something to keep in mind.
  7. badbob

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    If you end up having to buy them Google - Totally Tomatoes and get a catalog. They have a great selection and a quality product. Good luck!
  8. thoseguys26

    thoseguys26 Master of the Pit

    Good point LGHT

    I swear my Habanero's cross pollinated with my Radish's last year because they were the hottest raddish's I've ever had!! They seriously cleaned out your sinus each bite, I loved them!
  9. Peppers will cross but usually making other peppers hotter .. that being said I only grow very hot peppers [​IMG]so it works out great for me .. I am now mingling with the Trinidad scorpion this year .. I tossed my garden aside last year for my business ... But back at it again in full swing this year [​IMG]

    Peppers also freeze quite well .. I also dry and grind them .. if you see any organic seeds that's usually what the farm will produce in say an acre of land ... then have a different planting of something for the next acre and then a different chili

    Radish and Chili can't cross .. they are in no way shape of form of the same animal ... that would be like peppers and carrots crossing there is no flower on top while they are growing so they can't pollinate each other 

    Even tomato's take a very long time to cross ..

    are you looking for a fermented type sauce like tobacco or a thick sauce ?
  10. I have tons of seeds, but it's getting late to start them now.

  11. Nooo You can still start them .. They will be fine ... just start them on top of the fridge or another heat source .. I use my radiators .. And you will be fine .. Usually don't plant out till Mothers day or a week after ..  especially peppers and tomato's ... the peppers can always be brought in ..
    Get a couple garage florescent lights and you can still accomplish it .. Heck Pharmer Phil still has yet to plant his hope I don't get in trouble for posting a link if so feel free to remove it
  12. By the time seeds are sent out and received there isn't much time for long season peppers.
    They need all the time they can get.
  13. Yes your right but you can container then and bring them in they are a perennial plant and also with a paint brush they will produce in the house .. .. If you have a stash of seeds .. plant them !! sending well they will be a week or less behind but will still produce
  14. michael ark

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    I agree it's late to start peppers.
  15. Ohhh I suppose down south it is but up north here .. well like I said a week behind .. which with the right care and conditions can be just fine anyhow .. we plant out Memorial day here
  16. Ohhh I suppose down south it is but up north here .. well like I said a week behind .. which with the right care and conditions can be just fine anyhow .. we plant out Memorial day here
  17. Yes, I know, I actually breed peppers.
    I have a few plants in the house over winter, but not enough for a serious crop.
    The bulk of my peppers have to produce during the available outdoor growing season.
  18. I don't actually breed but I save seeds for my forum ..I also can dry freeze , make salsa and hot sauce and all that good stuff ..
  19. thoseguys26

    thoseguys26 Master of the Pit

    [​IMG]  Thanks for the tips! I was really just pointing out my radishes were super hot, not that I thought they cross-pollinated.. That would be sweet though.

    My chiltepin's are about 9 inches already!
  20. [​IMG] You would be amazed the things people think cross tho ... Really the link above is my site .. well Pharmer Phils but I run a lot of it .. and I also have a Phire forum that is just hot peppers and some people really try and breed their peppers with their tater flowers [​IMG] etc .. But most are awesome and quite helpful ..

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