Second Brisket Smoke

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Jul 26, 2016
Richmond, Va
JMU is in the FCS Championship game so naturally a party must ensue. I grabbed a 7lb brisket a couple of weeks ago from a local Martin's; it had a hole in the package and wasn't "pretty" enough to be sold. Got it marked down to around a dollar a pound. I defrosted it the past two days, cut it in half, and rubbed it last night with Montreal Steak and Chicken seasoning (chicken seasoning is basically the same as steak in regards to ingredients). Threw it in my MES 30 around 10:30 this morning, temp at 235, Mesquite and Oak in the cold smoker attachment (less refills:) and let er rip. I hit a temp stall right around 147 and decided to just foil there. "Unpaid plug"-10/10 would recommend the cold smoker attachment for your smoke producer while the main unit is on. It gives some nice TBS for hours. Let the brisket ride all the way up to 206 on the thicker one and right around 208 on the thinner one. Pulled them out around 5:30, let them rest for a little while, cut em up and threw them in the fridge for tomorrow's game. Go Dukes!


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