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Seasoning Day!

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by hopmeister, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. hopmeister

    hopmeister Fire Starter

    And Away We Go!!!

  2. Hello Hopmeister.  Looks like you have the process down.  Get that temp up really high and hold it for a couple hours to insure the oil really gets into the metal.  I used wood burners for years but a tip I have learned here was to rub down the outside with a light coating of veg oil after each smoke.  After cool enough to touch but still as warm as possible.  Then go back after completely cool and wipe off any excess oil.  I had just never thought of doing that but makes perfect sense to me.  Helps protect the outside from rust.  After all you paid a pretty penny for that rig so you want it to last.  Hope it helps.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

  3. hopmeister

    hopmeister Fire Starter

    Thanks Danny have the Veggie Oil All Ready after the Seasoning is completed.

  4. Happy Seasoning Day Hopmeister and welcome to the Yoder nation.
  5. hopmeister

    hopmeister Fire Starter

    Thank you brother! have a fantastic weekend. its game on tommorow with brisket and baby backs!
  6. beefmeister

    beefmeister Smoke Blower

    I like your smoker, but I like the pretty lady more.

    Many years of happy smokin' to you both
  7. hopmeister

    hopmeister Fire Starter

    I tend to agree with you on that one!

    Yes we are looking forward to many smokes together:)

    Thanks a Bunch!

    First Cook was a success!