Seafood Sausage Help?

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Dec 29, 2015
Looking to make some fish sausage, like maybe a mix of talopia, bass, salmon, shrimp, maybe scallops stuffed into casings.  Do I cold smoke then cook to temp later?  Do I need a cure?  What spices?
I do crawfish boudin, basically crawfish and rice sausage.

I don't take chances I cook my seafood. I make my boudin stuff the casing and return it to the reefer over night. 

Then I smoke low and slow for 2 to 3 hours and immediately back to chill. You'll be surprized how much smoke you can taste.

The MOST important thing is to make sure and de-water the first 45+ mins. this drys the casing and allows the smoke to adhere. It leaved the casing after smoked with the distintive snap when you bite into it.

Really I normally need only about 2 hours. Make sure and use a light to med. smoke also, I like fruit and nut smoke. 

I hope it comes out for ya, I know I like my boudin.

I probably have a walk thru on it somewhere here if you'll look.
What about spices & cure?
Typically fish sausages are a fresh sausage that is cooked when you're ready to eat it.  Frozen prior to then.  Use what ever spices you want, and cure isn't usually used in fish sausages or links.

With boudin, the meats, rice, and some of the veggies are precooked prior to stuffing.  The only item in my boudin, and Kevin's as well, that isn't precooked is the casing.  A quick poach or dropping it on a low grill handles that pretty quick.

The below is an example of a fish sausage from Marianski's web site.
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