Sausagefest 2024 - What are your favorite sausages?

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Awesome!! That looks amazing, thanks so much!

I'll definitely make this! I think I'll just go with one kielbasa (the simpler garlic one) instead of both for variety. Now to try to source crawfish and learn how to peel them.

indaswamp indaswamp In case it's hard to get crawfish, do you think a shrimp substitute would work? I've never had crawfish, so I don't really know what I'm dealing with.
Yeah, you could substitute shrimp...
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OK, so I've got the Santarosano and the TX hotlinks finished from Dave's list, frozen, and all ready for the party. (Btw, the Santarosano tastes EVEN BETTER after settling for a week or so :mindblown:). I've also got a variety of the hotlinks that uses ghost pepper for kicks. My friends like to challenge each other to spicy foods. Should be fun :)

So I think the set will be:
  1. Santarosano Chorizo
  2. Central TX Beef BBQ Sausage
  3. TX hotlinks (and ghost pepper version)
  4. LA Crawfish Boudin (skipping Polish Lisiecka for now)
  5. Nuremberg brats
  6. Jalapeno cheddar
  7. Garlic Kielbasa.
The Boudin and Central TX Links are also interesting, but I couldn't pinpoint a recipe for them on SMF. And wow, the Boudin looks involved!

I think I'll make and freeze them prior to the party, then pull them out and sous vide them (in bags) to have them ready an available for pan or grill sear/finish.

Sound good? I just prepped 30lbs of pork shoulder and 10lbs of beef brisket, haha. I've got a lot of grinding to do!
looking forward to this post!!!!!
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Yes! Love those chunks of meat! :) As it so happens, I just finished lunch of St. Rose Chorizo right now! On the left is the reaper links and on the right is st. rose.

(I need to start using a sharper knife for these cuts. I I-am-Chorizo 's looks so much cleaner, but oh well, I was hungry :) ).

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Still working out on the Boudin recipe(#4), but since the cheese was getting too dry in the fridge, I had to jump and get started on the Jalapeno Cheddar recipe (#6) a bit early and out of order. Here's a link to that thread: Jalapeno Cheddar. They were great!

Nuremberg Links (#5) are next!
G geostriata did I miss the hot links or hot guts? Thought that was next, I was gonna make some but holding off to see your usual great writup and taste notes!
Yep, I did that a few days ago. That was the nuclear hot links post.

I actually tried that one four times, with minor variations along the way. My feeling is that you can use my recipe and omit some of the spicier ingredients (paprika instead of hot paprika, no reaper, no red pepper) and you'll have a solid and palatable sausage. Or you can reference the original SmokinEdge SmokinEdge recipe I linked, and use that and it'll be great. My only possible point of contention is the brown sugar, but regardless of whether you have it or not, it'll be great.
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Back in the swing of things. Here's #6 of #7 in SausageFest 2024: Nuremberg Brats. Last one is the Garlic Kielbasa!

My freezer is so full of sausage right now. Like 40lbs or so, haha.

There's another 5 or six full bags under there as well. I think I'll have enough! Just one more to go! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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