Sausage this weekend

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Went out and Purchased two Pork roasts, Boston butts for $1.00/Lb.  13.8 Lbs in total.  I plan on making kielbasa and some Italian Sausages.  Go the first part of the Kielbasa going, got 3 Lbs of Pork and 2 Pounds of Beef, curing for the next 3 days.

Just curious. What Recipe do you use and why Three day of curing?...JJ
I am in.
Ok guys, sorry, My computer is in the basement, we have a finished basement.  I was upstairs watching a movie.  Sorry

Any way, here is the recipe -


3 lbs. LEAN Pork shoulder                                          2 lbs. LEAN Beef Chuck

1.25lbs Pork Fat                                                          Salt  (36.0 g)

Sugar (31.0 g)                                                              Mustard seed (15.0 g)

1.25 tsp.  Cure #1                                                        Pepper, white (6.0 g)

Garlic powder  (6.0 g)                                                  Marjoram dry  (3.5 g)

Nonfat Dry Milk (65 g)                                     Soy Protein Concentrate (40g)

Ice water (8 oz)                                                            38 mm hog casings 

1. Cut the pork shoulder and beef into 1-inch cubes. Cube fat & keep separate.

2. Mix the meat cubes with salt, cure and sugar. 

3. Pack the meat tightly into a bowl and cover with plastic wrap. 

4. Refrigerate at about 39°F for 3 days to allow the meat to cure.

5. Grind the well-chilled meat through a medium plate. Grind the near-frozen fat through coarse plate

6. Combine SPC and NFDM with the ice water; mix well. Add to meat, the pork fat, and remaining dry ingredients; blend to uniform mix. Mix until the paste is very sticky.

7. Stuff into 38 mm hog casings; hang at room temperature until the casing are completely dry to the touch (or 30 minutes or so in a preheated 100° smoker)

8. Apply a light smoke for 30 minutes then raise the temperature to about 120°F and apply a heavy smoke for 90 minutes.  

9. Raise the temperature to 180°F and hold there until the sausage reaches 155°F or pull the sausages after the smoke & poach in water bath (165°) until 155° temp is reached.

10. Chill by immersing into ice water.

11. Hang dry. Refrigerate.
Thanks for the Recipe. It is quite a bit different than that which I grew up on and the one Shannon shared. I will have to give it a shot...JJ
Thanks for the Recipe. It is quite a bit different than that which I grew up on and the one Shannon shared. I will have to give it a shot...JJ
So what is the recipe you two good folks grew up with, do you care to share it? 

Lets get a good Kielbasa link here with whole bunch of your go to Kielbasa recipes and make this one real read for the users!
Shannon posted his Kielbasa recipe and if your looking for a "go to" recipe that is it IMHO...... The best tasting kielbasa is a simple recipe using "fresh" ingredients and not powders.......

To make it even better you can add diced jalapenos and some high temp cheddar cheese.......
Thanks Joe!  I am not sure it is a go to recipe, but is traditional.  Give it a try, I am pretty sure you will like it. 

The best part of making your own sausage is the freedom to add what you like.  You can tailor the final product to your particular tastes.  I did have a question about the level of Mustard seed you use.  That has to make for some spicy Kielbasa. 

Good luck, I can't wait to see the final product.

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Hi Folks, this is a day late and a dollar short.

We woke up got showered and stuff this morning.  We were going to step out and get all the needed ingredients for the sausages I am making, but I went downstairs at about 10 this morning to find our basement flooded.  So the trip for the goods did not happen, as I have been vacuuming water out of the basement all day, about 23 - 6 gallon shop vac full’s and I took about 6 pails out using a high tech supper soaker clothe I bought a few years ago, It is now 8:50 PM and I still have several hours of water, with the risk it may still be coming in, until it freezes again, I may spend many hours down here

Hope is, Sunday we can step out and get what is needed, but the act my G/F put on today, God only knows if that is going to happen. 

I made a video Friday night, but did not get back to a computer until now, so here it is  -

OK Folks, we're done.  Made 3 lbs of mild and 3 lbs of hot Italian sausage.  Me and the neighbour tackled it, from partially frozen Pork roasts, these same ones I picked up for a buck a pound.  Did a test fry on both, I must say, spot on, damn they were good.  It took us about 3 1/2 hours from start to finish to get ‘er done.

I have to sorry, I had my Video camera in the room, but shot no video.  No batteries in the house for my digital camera, so no money shot is available either

But tomorrow I make Kielbasa, My camera will be going on this one.
It is 11:30 Pm EST and I am done with my sausage making weekend.  Italian sausage is in the freezer and the kielbasa is done smoking and hanging up to bloom.

I did not make a video, as with the basement flood, I cannot get on to the computer with IEEE1394 port to transfer files off the MiniDV tape Video camera, one of 3 of them I own, because that computer is in the basement.  So no sense making a video if I can do nothing with it.

I do promise a Money Shot in tomorrows post, stay tuned!
Well Folks, sorry for the delay here, but I finally have the Money Shot (Video), so with no further ado, here it is -

Final verdict - Needs either more garlic or use fresh garlic, If using fresh, I will have to figure out how much to use.  Also The only Soy Protein Concentrate I could get around here was from the GNC store and it was a vanilla flavour.  So I think I will order some different stuff from the net and have it on hand for the next go round, which will be when they put pork on the cheap again. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.