"Sausage and Processed Meat Formulations" by Herbert W. Ockerman available free on-line

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  1. This book is now available as a free PDF for download on-line through The Knowledge Bank at Ohio State University. The link for it is http://hdl.handle.net/1811/25224 . Appears to be complete. The book is VERY expensive if you buy it in hardcopy, but for whatever reason, OSU makes the works of its professors available free for download through The Knowledge Bank.

    - tom
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    OMG Tom,

    I love ya for passing on this link. [​IMG]

    But I hate ya cause that's almost to much information. [​IMG]   And I thought I had trouble deciding what to make before.
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    Thanks Tom, It is a lot of info!
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    [​IMG]   336,140 variations of frankfurters, That's just down right cruel !
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    Good postI see that you have this working now.
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    Will have to check this out when i get home.
  8. Thanks for the link!
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    Thanks for sharing the info Tom
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    Link saved.  Thanks for posting!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    Great find.... Thank you....   Dave
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    Thanks for the link to this. I downloaded it and saved to hard drive. 


    Don't think I'll print it out. 615 pages is alot of printing. 
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    Thanks Tom - now I need to read the dang thing. 615 pages holy cow 
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    OK... I loaded it but I damn sure don't have a clue how to read it... LOL
  15. OK. Ockerman went around to meat producers all over the world and collected formulations for various sausages and proceesed meat products. Each product in the book is broken down into four categories, represented as tables:

    1. Main ingredients;
    2. Curing ingredients (or Curing Ingredients and Seasonings);
    3. Processing Procedures;
    4. Cooking Forms.

    The four categories do not necessarily correspond to the Section numbers listed to the right of each category.. Within each table is information of use in meat science and commercial operations (average values), and formulary information (pounds for various formulations). Unless you are a commercial manufacturer, your interest is likely in the formulary information. Let's use the Berliner Sausage recipe as an example (pp. 25-26 of the book, pp. 37-38 of the PDF).

    The first table lists main ingredients. Under the part of the table labeled "Pounds for Various Formulations" are four formulas for Berliner Sausage, A-D. The numbers under each variation list the pounds of an ingredient in the formula. Example: Formula A has 20 lbs of beef chuck, 20 lbs of lean veal, 30 lbs of pork cheek meat, 30 lbs of 80/20 pork trim, 4 lbs of non-fat dry milk, 3 lbs of salt, and 8 lbs of water or ice.

    The second table lists curing ingredients and spices. Under the part of the table labeled "Oz. unless indicated otherwise per 100 lbs of meat" are three formulas for curing ingredients and spices, 1-3. Formulas 2 and 3 include spices. Example: Formula 2 calls for 1/8 oz. sodium nitrite, 1 oz. sodium nitrate, 2 oz. maple flavor and 6 oz. white pepper.

    The third category is Processing Procedures and there are three in varying degrees of detail, A-C.

    The fourth category is Cooking Form, and in this case lists three types of casing, 1-3.

    Ockerman's idea was that people could combine these different ways, with varying degrees of success, and have up to 135 variations on Berliner sausage (5 sets of main ingredients * 3 sets of curing ingredients and spices * 3 processing procedures * 3 cooking forms).

    Hope this helps.
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    ok.. Yes that helps... still a few questions... So you can pick any of the 4 meat variations ? And then pick any of the curing and spice columns and use that column with the meat variation that was picked ? And then on the processing procedure, I'm a little confused on A. You just grind it and do nothing else ? B. says coarse grind... I'm assuming all meat is coarse ground for that particular procedure ?

    Thanks for helping me out on this... much appreciated
  17. That's the theory.
    Yep. Some combinations work better than others. Not all will work or be particularly good.
    The information in the directions varies greatly, and depends entirely on what Ockerman was able to learn about one company's procedure versus another's. So some directions are more complete than others, including smoking times and temperatures, etc., where others just say to 'smoke' or don't even mention it. Think of this as a sort of outline version of recipes for people who have some idea of the product and process they want. These are like a menu of possible variations collected from companies from all over. It's mostly an idea book.
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    This is similar to some Cook books written for Chefs...Basically a list of ingredients and the name of a cooking technique...The Author assumed the reader would KNOW the various prep and cooking procedures...Cool stuff!...JJ
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    Vagreys... Thx for the explanation... I sure do appreciate it

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