Rubbing, then Freezing

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Smoke Blower
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Jun 8, 2012
Norman, OK
Sam's Club sells pork butts two to a package; obviously, that means I'm usually going to have to freeze one off if I'm not going to smoke it right away.  I got to wondering, though--would there be any disadvantage to rubbing it before I smoke it?  That would have the advantage of having it ready to go once I pull it out of the freezer and thaw it; no defrost, then rub and wait several hours.

Thoughts?  Has anybody tried this?
The pork butts I get at BJs also come 2 to a package. I usually just put the second one in a vacuum-sealed plastic bag and freeze it.

I am not sure what your reference to "then rub and wait several hours" refers to. After thawing the butt I apply the rub and it sits while I get the smoker going but I don't let it sit for several hours, unless it takes that long to get the smoker ready...... If you are doing that to get a nice sticky pellicle then you will need to let the frozen butt sit for a while anyway; whether you put rub on before or not.

If you try this let us know what the results were.

Good luck
The only disadvantage is if you change your mind and you want to use the butt for something else.

There's no real advantage either.
It doesn't hurt anything.
I buy flank steaks at the US food store and they usually come 5 to 6 in a pack. I Freeze some plain and then preseason marinade a couple in seasoning and throw them in the freezer for later. Works well for me. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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