Rubbed my butt....

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Original poster
Sep 16, 2013
Salem IN
and threw together a couple of sauces to go with it. We've got the Police Department Christmas pot luck last night, so I thought I'd bring a little butt.

It was 9.25lbs and  cooked for a little over 16 hours. With the weather we had yesterday (cold, windy, and snowing) I cheated and had to finish it in the house. Since the BDS was struggling to maintain anything over a 190* temp.....even with the cooker temp maxed out at 320*. I'm still fairly new to smoking meat, but I've noticed a few things. My briskets irregardless of weight (up to 15lbs) all seem to be finished right at the 12 hour mark. Or just over a hour/lb. Boston butts (both had similar weights) seem to take up to 2 hours/lb. Is anyone else having the same kind of results?

The spread at dinner was HUGE. Apparently this stuff was a huge hit. Not only was there no left overs, I had several people ask me how much I'd charge to do one for them. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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