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  1. Has anyone ever heard of and/or used curry powder in a dry rub for brisket or chicken?
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    It is a common combination of spices that can be used as is or combined with other spices that you wish to be more forward. You can add Curry Powder as a background in another Rub recipe you like if you wish. Start with a small amount and add to taste. Madras Curry is a combination of spices that became popular particularly in England and is on the spicier side than what is sold by companies like McCormick or Tones. Sun Brand Madras Curry Powder is considered one of the best. There is no such thing as Curry Powder in India, only different types of " Masala ". Curry is the anglicized word based on " Kari " which means " Sauce " So the mixture Curry Powder is a convenience item used to make Curry, " Sauced " dishes in the UK just like the American, " Chili Powder " is a mixture of one or more Chile's, Cumin, Oregano, Etc. used in the US to make Chili con Carne...JJ

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  3. I use a bit of Curry (Garam Masala)   and find it adds a certain "hmmmmmm" to the rub.  People always say they can taste something.......but they aren't quite sure what it is. 


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