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I have smoked a lot, but always done it the day of the event---this time, serving time is early and do not have time to cook the day of.  I plan to cook the butts the day before t0 195, save the juice, defat, pull, put in foil pans- covered, add some juice back, and refrigerate overnight.   rewarm covered at 225 to 160---

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated---

Thank you

I also think what your doing is fine.  I have had to do this before also.  I did add some of my finishing sauce to the pork when i re-heated it much like you did.  One thing i do when i serve pulled pork to a group is make extra finishing sauce.  I put the extra sauce in those plastic containers that you see ketchup and mustard in, in resturants.  This way if someone wants extra sauce they can just squirt some on.  Reinhard is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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