Roast Beef/slicer questions

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Feb 3, 2008
Round Rock
I bought a fancy new meat slicer and I'm all gung-ho on using it !

I'm going to do a corned beef this weekend, and would also like to do a roast beef (both for sandwiches).

I see that most people wait until the next day (when they are cold - out of the fridge) to slice. Is there any reason not to slice the roast beef  after it rests ?

Also, for the roast beef, it appears bottom round is the favorite here to use ?

  Thanks !

I usually let it sit in the fridge overnight because it is easier to slice and will slice thinner if the meat is cold because it toughens up a little.  I use bottom round just because it is a cheap peice of meat but I'm sure it would taste even better made from a sirloin roast.

Smoked chicago style italian beef is one of my favorite things to smoke.  Doesn't cost much and tastes delicious!
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Tell me more about smoked chicago style italian beef ! Guess I'll try the search option...

  -- Lee
Letting the meat refridgerate overnate allows the meat to completely stop cooking, hold it's remaining juices inplace which will make for tastier slices of roast beef. If you just let it rest a while and then slice, it will drain all it's juices and you will have very dry meat.
I love italian beef.  I do mine in the crock pot.  I take a 3 or 4lb bottom round roast, rub it with italian seasoning and drop it in a crock pot full of beef broth and sliced onions.  Let it cook until tender, not pull apart tender, but you know what I mean.

I'll pull the beef from the pot, and refrigerate it overnight.  The broth, I let cool until the fat coagulates on top so I can skim the fat off of it.  The next day, I'll slice the roast super thin, almost shaved and drop it back into the broth to re-heat.  When I serve it up, I I get a crusty french roll, fill it with beef and onions, then dip the entire thing back into the broth, chicago style, and serve with some chips.

I also like to do Maryland style pit beef.  Bottom round, slathered in olive oil, salt and cracked black pepper.  Sear it on a super hot grill, just like a steak and let it cook through to about 125 - 130 degrees.  Remove from the grill, let it cool an hour and shave it on the slicer.  Serve it up on a french roll with a generous dollop of horseradish mustard and I mean to tell you, if you set that sandwich on your head, your tongue would beat your brains out trying to get to it.  As long as the meat is below cooking temps, at a medium rare doneness, it doesn't lose much juice at all.  If there are any leftovers, throw them in zip bag.  The next day, that cold beef is the best tasting thing you can imagine.
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I like smoking my beef rounds till 140* and tossing them in the fridge in a steel pan to cool and slicing them paper thin the next day, OH YAH!

It just makes the beef easier to slice if the meat is chilled.
Ok. I'll marinate the beef tonight in some italian dressing and smoke it (and the corned beef) tomorrow (Saturday). I'll slice them on Sunday and then reheat (steam the sliced corned beef).

Thanks !

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