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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by fishegg, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. Greetings,

    Been spending way too much time lately looking at offsets. Looking to graduate from my Weber bullet. Found a Rivergrille at Home Depot. But am finding fairly limited reviews and also cannot determine who makes them. Does anyone have any background information please? Great site and thanks!
  2. hwmfresh

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    i bought the cheap one from homedepot the other day. i think i paid $130. its cheap... i think with some mods like gaskets it would work better. i feel like it lost a lot of heat. it was hard to keep the very cheep thermometer to read above 200. it was easy to put together. i think with some mods and a little more practice i will be happier with it. not bad buy for a poor first timer. 
  3. smokeymose

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    I've not read anything about the Rivergrille, but they look a little flimsy. Might be a good starter, though, to see if you're into it. HD also has CharGriller "Smokin Pro" for $199. A lot of folks here have them and share a lot of mods. I saved my nickels over the winter and went with the CharGriller "Competition Pro" for $299 and am very impressed. Other than using Permatex Red while assembling and adding a baffle at the fire end, no mods. I compared to the OK Joe Longhorn at Lowes for $429 and the quality looks the same, not worth the extra $130.
    I haven't seen a factory door therm yet that was accurate. Maybe on the high end brands..

    You'll have fun with whatever you get!

  4. donarkie

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    saw one @ Home Depot the "farmer" built much like the other tin can off sets. Your right at the price range of the Old Country Pits Pecos, drop a few more bucks and you will have the Wrangler.
  5. Thanks for your responses guys, still saving my pennies and watching craigslist for better stickburner.
  6. Just got the Rancher, it needs a decent amount of mods but it is made from heavy gauge steel(almost a 1/4 inch). Holds temp well and has a ton of space. It is about a grand but its a well built smoker. just be prepared to use some RTV and Nomex Tape.
  7. smokeymose

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    For $1000 it shouldn't need any "mods".....
  8. Maybe so but i couldn't find anything even close to the size with 1/4 inch steel that included free shipping.

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