Ribs and ABT Part II

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May 14, 2007
Ok sorry Steve, I didn't know the rule about posting finishing pics. I didn't want to post then cause if I did I might have come back to empty platters.

Anyway the food was great. First time making fatties and I just popped them in naked and they came out great. ABT was really atomic, I'm wondering if those things were jalapenos after all. Despite that, they were almost all gone.

Ribs were great. I didn't foil them this time but I did spritz with apple juice every hour or so. They just had a little bit of resistance and the taste was awesome.

Also grilled ( I know I know) some veggies.

Plus the required pot of Dutch's beans.

Some photos attached for you rib enthusiasts.



It all looks really good to me!

How long did you smoke the jalapenos? I usually stuff them/wrap in bacon and grill them. I want to try your version soon!
I think it was about 2 hours.
Then I threw them under the broiler for a minute to get the bacon to sizzle.
looks good to me. i love ribs and ABTs. if you smoke the ABTs for about 3 hours, the heat is almost, if not all the way, gone. you have to make sure you get all the seeds and the membrane out.

I must have cooked them close to 3 hours and they were the hottest "jalapenos" I ever had. I have never had a problem with a jalapeno so I'm wondering maybe they were another type of pepper. I'm attaching a photo of them maybe a pepper expert can tell me for sure.
Yep, seeds and veins removed, Most were very hot a few were mildlly hot.
when i first started smoking meat (and ABTs and fatties), i would accidentally leave in a seed here and there. maybe a bit of the veins (or membrane). those were the hot peppers. one seed in there, and it will be hot. now i make sure i get every last seed out of there, along with all the membrane. i will rinse a pepper out with running water (from the tap) if i think there is a seed in there still.
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