Ribeye sausage stuffed and smoked on the #KamadoJoe Big Joe

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  1. My beloved spouse picked me us a meat grinder/sausage stuffer for my birthday. It attaches to my Kitchenaid mixer. The second run with it was started on Sunday the 5th. It started with a nice 5 pounds of Ribeye roast. Ribeye was selected because it had enough fat to make some rather fine sausage. Often beef is so lean, you must add fat to it in order to achieve the right ratio of fat to muscle. The Ribeye was sliced, and then the slices were cubed to feed into the grinder. With valuable lessons learned from the previous attempt, the coarse plate was used for the grind. The ribeye had far less fibrous material in it than the pork which was previously done, and had very little clogging which happened at the plate. The freshly ground beef was mixed with the seasonings, and a bit of Merlot wine was added to make the stuffing process easier. It also added a nice flavor to the sausage. Natural casings were used. This was my second time dealing with separating, cleaning and sliding a casing over the horn. Lessons learned from the first attempt taught me to place a colander in the bottom of the sink to hold the casing while it was washed inside and out. All five pounds of stuffing went quickly and easily. The Big Joe was already fired up and stabilized at 200 with Pecan wood for the smoke. Additional smoking wood was added at this time, as the Kamado had been cooked on all day. The sausage took about 3 hours to hit the right internal temperature, which was quicker than the pork sausage made earlier in the day. The sausages were then soaked in cold water to help prevent the natural casing from shrinking and wrinkling. They went into the vacuum sealer for storage in the deep freeze, with one pack placed in the fridge for use within the next couple days.

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  2. Those look tasty. I gotta say I'm surprised you're futzing with using the auger for stuffing sausage. I did that my 1st time around, and immediately went online to buy a stuffer. 

    Glad you're enjoying it!
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  3. It was a birthday gift, so being seen using it was important.  It did an adequate job, but I definitely would not use it for a 25 pound batch. 
  4. It's amazing the stresses we endure for our loved ones huh ;)

    Good to see your getting use out of it. I'm sure some good stuff will be put through it before the jump to independent stuffer is made. 
  5. I am sure a future upgrade is in the plan.  I had previously done 5 pounds of pork loin sausage through it as well.  The pork loin had a lot of fibrous material which did its dead level best to clog the drilled plate.  It was a struggle.  Beef was actually much easier to do.
  6. Just like you described, the fat is firmer in beef than in pork and has less of the connective fat. It's best to cut pork into thin strips and put them into the freezer for about 6 hours prior to grinding. With cutting it into strips and freezing, when grinding the auger will grab and pull each piece and feed itself basically. I've done this the last few times and really liked the results.
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    Addertooth Pork is easier to do if you put it in the freezer for a little while.If you try to do sticks with the KA it gets the meat a little to hot  ( mushy). I have the large Jerky Cannon that is all I use, my biggest batch was 10lbs. Sausage looks great,you may want to put a little space in between the sausage so the smoke will surround it.

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    Nice looking links. [​IMG]
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    Nice sausages but IMHO what a waste of a perfectly Delicious looking whole rib eye...... Would have saved the rib eye for the smoker and used a chuckie for the sausage...


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    You could always use Kobe chuck if you want more fat!!!

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