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Discussion in 'Pork' started by ny smoker, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. ny smoker

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    Ok, got my MES 30 all seasoned and my AMZNP just arrived and tossed it on the grill and cranked it up to burn off any oils.

    Got my pork loin in the fridge spiced up with brown sugar, onion/garlic powder, other spices.

    Heres my plan for this 1st smoke with new smoker.

    Qview will be coming to progress.

    Pull loin out about 1hr before tossing it in

    5-6lb pork loin

    add water to pan

    pre heat MES 240-250Degs

    AMAZNP smoking hickory pellets (Thanks Todd)

    external therm and set for IT of 160-165

    take out foil/towel wrap cooler for 1-1 1/2 hrs


    What do you think, sound like a plan for a newbie?

    Any suggs would be great.
  2. smokinal

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  3. scarbelly

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  4. ny smoker

    ny smoker Fire Starter

    Thanks Al for the advise. I will get some bacon out (everthings better with bacon).

    I dont care about pink, I like all my meat (kick it in the a$$ and walk it accross the grill I say), MY WIFE dont go for any pink in meat. Will 140 W/carryover to 145 be pink?

    Will I be good to try a 145-150-155 carry?

    Thanks again Al
  5. cliffcarter

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    150° internal is about as high as you should go with a pork loin IMHO, the last one I did I marinated in apple cider for 24 hrs before cooking. Took it off at 150°IT and it was juicy with no pink, except for the smoke ring.
  6. sprky

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    Think Al got ya covered
  7.    Al gave some fine directions, but your meat will be pink inside unless you cook to a higher temp. I smoked a whole loin for my daughters New Year's party and

    she won't eat meat that is pink inside. 160 or more will dry out a loin because they just don't have any fat internally. I took this one to 150 and it was excellent. 

    Pink had just disappeared  and it was very juicy.

    If your wife doesn't like pink, be sure to cook until 150 or very near it. I don't know yet (but I'm going to experiment) what is the lowest temp to eliminate the pink in 

    the center of a pork loin. Until then 150 is my mark. If anyone has info on this subject I would like to hear it.

  8. ny smoker

    ny smoker Fire Starter

    Thanks all MSF people.

    Getting ready to wrap with bacon and will hit the 145 IT, pull it out and foil to hit the carryover to about 150.

    I will have Qview on this 1st smoke.
  9. chef jimmyj

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    You should be Golden with 145*...There shouldn't be any pink but give the Mrs. the end cuts they are always slightly more done. Put a pan with some veggies under the meat to catch any drippings then you can make some gravy with some Chix broth...JJ

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