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Sep 21, 2006
Western Kansas
I made a "fast" brisket yesterday, 12.5# in 11hrs. Sliced the flat and chopped up the point. Right now I'm smoking the chopped point for burnt ends and got to thinking. When I make my burnt ends they get a very strong smoke flavor. What if I would take those sliced pieces and smoke them at about 180*? Give them a big hit of smoke flavor. I figure they will dry out some, but a mop sauce would help that. Anyone try this? Just thinking, doesn't happen very often and I gotta let someone know about it :roll:

Sorry no pics of brisket, wife has camera at her work place. Looking to get my own, wife and kids "hog" the camera. But they also don't understand why I like to take pics of brisket and stuff.

Thanks guys/gals
Al the point is saturated with fat and won't easily dry out, in fact it benefits from the additional cooking by rendering out more of the fat.

The slices from the flat however, are much more lean. Additional cooking may give them more smoke flavor but I'm afraid you would completely dry out the meat. I haven't tried this so it may make for a good experiment. Let us know if you try it.
Well, I'm re-smoking. I had a flat that I smoked 1 wk ago, only took it to 185*. Wasn't as tender as we like it when I take it to 200-205*. Have a party tonight so I thought ... what the heck.

I cut it 1/2" thick by 1" wide. I had foiled the brisket and had the "jelly" and fat chuncks in the foil. Put that all in an alum foil pan, sprinkled some soy sauce and worchest. sauce then applied my rub and some cajun seasoning. Put it in the smoker at about 220* and it has been on since 12:45. Hasn't dried out with plenty of juice in the pan. I'm getting good smoke in the meat and a good "bite" from the rub and cajun spice. I just sliced up some smoked sausage in with the same treatment. Should add plenty of juice to take me till 6:00. I'm using pecan and hickory and I want a strong smoke flavor with a nice cajun "bite" at the end.

So far it tastes great. I call it "ends", bc it's not burnt. Tender and juicy with PLENTY of flavor. I really like it.

Just some fyi. If I ever have something go wrong/bad, I'm gonna do this to it. Chicken, turkey, brisket, ribs, butt, what ever it is I want to try this. I like it enough to "screw up" more often. Great as a snack/appetizer, not as a meal. Would be great in a soup or beans.

Just wanted to share my experiment, as we think it went very well.

Have a great weekend, stay warm.........unless you live in flordia........then I hope you get a sunburn
Sounds good to me BigAL, 8) how about a picture for us poor slobs who didn't get to smoke this weekend. :cry: :?:
Sorry, no pics. Wife left camera at her store. I'm beginning to wonder if she lost it, I haven't seen if for at least a month now.

People at the party liked it, I thought it was a little too salty. A 5# brisket and a 2' long sausage link were gone quick. Then I had to answer questions about how I did it, with what, why I did it that way, etc. It is fun try'n to get people to buy a smoker and how easy it is to do. Traeger should buy me a new smoker for as much as I promote their smokers/grills.
Hey Big Al, I always thought that when you smoke a brisket and chop up the small end you put it in a shallow pan and smoke it for a few more hours, remove it and mix in your favorite BBQ sauce and smoke it for another 1.5 hours. I think this how Arthur Bryant's BBQ joint in Kansas does thier famous burnt ends.. My thinking could be off some and usually gets me in trouble ..

Joe, I've only been to KC 4 times. 3 softball tournaments and once to see a friend. Haven't eaten at a BBQ restaurant for 20+ years, buy from a traveling BBQ'er that stops at convenience stores maybe twice a year at most. Only "good" BBQ I've had has been my own, so I really don't know what they call good Q or even burnt ends, only read about it.

Anymore I always make "ends" with the point and slice the flat. I didn't like this brisket, it was only a flat with the point removed already, so I decided to give it a try. If I buy just the flat again, I think I'll do it this way, making "ends". Some times I shoot from the hip and hit something, but mostly nothing good, for once I hit the target.

I want to get back to KC and see my friend again and eat some good Q. I'll have to get my buddy to find some info from a KC BBQ joint, maybe some tricks of the trade.
Hey Big Al, I've been doing alot of BBQ restaurant research lately. The wife and I are opening a BBQ and Blues joint close to where we live.. All I have been doing lately is eating BBQ, some good .. some not so good. But we have to try it all to know what the competition is like. I think we have a better product than most in the area. Anyway, have you heard of Arthur Bryants BBQ in Kansas? I've never been there but have read some good reviews .. I forgot where I was going with this reply .. laugh ..

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