Rainy day soup

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Feb 11, 2007
Cumberland Co. PA
With the weather being rainy with storm coming thought we’d make a big pot of chicken corn soup. Corn from the garden & chickens from the barn makes for a bangin soup. Decided to can some to save freezer space.
Jars after the pressure canning.
Saved some for supper.
Thanks for looking
That's gotta be good! Especially with home raised chickens and corn! And even better with your weather.

Recipe? Where's the recipe?
Sorry can't help out with a recipe because the wife makes it without one. Best I can do is give a little insight. She roasts a whole chicken. A good size roaster. Then lets it cool down to pick off meat. Puts that in big stock pot with 3 gallon bags of corn thawed & drained corn. Adds broth from roaster. She freezes broth from other times she cooks chicken an adds that as needed. (thawed) Brings to a boil then simmers for a while. Add salt & pepper to taste. Not sure how long. Maybe 2 hours. Then brings back to a boil to add rivals. Done & ready to eat. Wish I could give more detailed recipe. Hope this helps.
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