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Master of the Pit
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Jun 29, 2006
Peculiar, MO
Wow! Rain finally stopped! Had 9 1/2" in 2 days. I hooked up the boat and took it with me everywhere I went, just in case.
Looked out the kitchen window and the next door neighbor had his Brinkmann offset smokin' in the pouring rain! He's tough.
All that rain you've had out there has us watching the rivers over here. Topic of the local news is when will the Missouri River crest. Then I'm downstream of the Missouri, Illinois, Mississippi merge. SO its really sketchy. I'm probably as happy that it stopped raining out there as you are.
everything's on fire down here. I smelled smoke so strong (not mine) I called my buddies at the fire dept. They sent a guy over (on a scooter, lol) just to make sure and he said the fires in the everglades, 100+ miles up the road, are smokin' the keys.
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