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  1. Hello All

    I am not a full beginner at smoking as I have learned a bit under some Chefs and Pitmasters I know, but I am looking to do my own thing.  I have your basic knowledge on smoking pork shoulders, basics on ribs etc so I do not need a book to spell out the absolute basics for me.

    I was wondering what you all would recommend for some quality books on smoking meats and fish, making sausages, curing meats, making salami, brining hams etc etc.

    What would be the books  that you would keep on hand at home or recommend someone who is still a bit green in the industry to help sharpen their skills and try some new products.

  2. All of the Marianski books are excellent.....


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    Hey Jim, since you found this site you have the BEST info available .. Do a little searching for you choice of meats, snacks & sauces/rubs!!! Ask Questions. Someone will chime in and Help You!!! Good Smoking. Don't forget your pictures !!!! 
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    I agree with both of the above!
  5. [​IMG]    I agree this forum is probably one of the best 'books' out there since there is a TON of info regarding just about anything to do with smoking, grilling and curing meat.

    The other book I would recommend as a great reference is Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing by Rytek Kutas

    I've had a copy forever and still go back to it as a reference.


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  6. What they all said. [​IMG]
  7. I know many people who like the book Smoke And Spice. It is a big book {496 pages} of recipes...rubs...sauces and pointers but no pictures. Check Amazon they have the best price on this book.   [​IMG]

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