Quick cooked Landjaeger, 1 day instead of 6 weeks

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Dave in AZ

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Oct 2, 2022
Phx, AZ

I read all the threads that come up here using Search for Landjaeger, but they either are the authentic fermented and dry-cured, or the fact it is cooked and dried instead is kind of skipped over. I could not find a cooked version, where the fact of replacing the authentic ferment and salami-drying process was detailed. So I decided to make a video of the best fast version I could come up with.

I made a video showing my recipe and process for doing a cooked version of Landjaeger, letting me get a shelf stable meat stick in 1 day instead of a 6 week ferment and dry-cure aging.

Recipe is in the video description, so I won't repeat all the typing.

Flavor was very tangy and good. I would estimate 4.9 to 5.0 maybe. I tested the pH at 5.1, but think the very dry stick kept me from a good reading, need to grind a bit and retest. Of course dry cured, uncooked landjaeger, has a fresher salami taste. However, this cooked quick version has a respectable flavor. This also has the huge advantage of being ready to throw in a bag for days then eat, with just a day of work.

I hope this helps folks who want to try the tangy landjaeger meat stick flavor, but don't want to wait the many weeks for the authentic process. Or who don't have the curing chamber to make it that way.
I will add, the quick drying at 135f in smoker did make the texture initially harder on outside. However, after 1 week in vacuum packs in fridge, when I cut one open the moisture had all equalized and softened the outside, so it's texture was much closer to fermented and dry-cured stuff I've made before.

Another issue I had, that particular Smooth Acid blend I used to simulate the ferment, you have to get to 150f to melt the encapsulation they say. That's higher than most ECA I've seen, and higher than I wanted to go... was hoping to keep temps at 135 and below to better simulate the authentic no-cook fermented.

Next I will just do a fast LHP or F-LC 12 hour ferment at 100f, then dry at 135f fast, and compare.
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