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Jan 28, 2017
Im new to this forum, ive been a member for about a week. Im still not to sure how or where to post questions, but I do have some. I was planning on smoking pork, chicken and turkey brats this weekend. Im looking for some tips, thank you.


You'll get many different answers for your cook, so I'll start with a few questions.

What kind of pork?

What cuts of chicken?

Homemade or store bought brats?

We'll get you going, but different cuts take different smoke procedures.
Thank you for responding crankybuzzard. I ment to say im planning on smoking chicken brats, turkey brats and pork brats. Do you have any tips?
You can also use the search function. I mean its unbelievable how much specific info is located in it. 

You want chickens? Beer can, brining, curing, grilling, rotisserire, smoking woods, spices, rubs, smoking times, preparations, safe temps, etc etc etc.... be specific.

You'll be amazed at what you'll find.
Cook/smoke at 225 or so until you get an internal temp of 160. This need to be accomplished in less than 4 hours since they aren't cured more than likely.

A good clean smoke of hickory, apple, or cherry will work nicely for them.

If you want a crispy casing, drop them on a hot grill after smoking.
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