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smoke freak

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Jul 14, 2007
First question. Been learnin this thing called barbecue from every source I can find for a couple of years now. Every one tells me to NEVER open the lid. If yer lookin, you aint cookin. However when I listen to you folks, who I consider far more experienced than myself, I find out that every hour or so you open the cooker and spray some juice or something on what ever is cookin. I had always been told that every time you open up and let the heat escape that you could add 15 minutes to cook time. Input from the experts would be appreciated.

Second question. How come when you wrap up your ribs you use a double layer of heavy duty foil? Im just cheap enough to ask if one layer would do the same thing. Last Sunday I did back ribs with 2-2-1 which turned into more like 2-2-2. I used a double wrap but ma cheapskate side put 2 slabs in each double wraped packet. Was that a mistake? My ribs turned out pretty much the same as any other time so either they werent too bad before or else I screwed it up some where. Im leaning towards the second one and hoping to lear how to improve. Craig
dealing w/ quality foil, 1 wrap is good but i use 2 wraps also incase a bone punctures the foil- hot rib grease on the leg is no fun. as far as opening the lid... depends on your cooker. i just try to be fast about it.
Ya, what he said
Hiya SmokeFreak -

It is true that when you open the door or lid you let heat out. If you have a lid only open it as much as needed to spray or whatever. If you have a door same thing but as to whether it adds another 15 minutes cooking time I wouldn't expect that much unless you let all the heat out. Winter time I'm sure you loose alot more heat but a wind break helps alot.

I double and triple wrap my suff and still get leaks sometimes and it can get messy! The double foil also adds extra insulation by introducing air pockets to the package. Try to get your foil in bulk sizes if you can. It's alot more expensive up front but you get alot more for the money! Check in places like Sam's or BJ's een some super WalMarts carry resteraunt sizes.
I will single wrap ribs but I make sure that the bones point up in the foil pack. That way if there is a puncture, the liquid does not all run out. That said, when the ribs are "naked" in the smoker I have the bones point down.

Hope this helps!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


I always double wrap....It helps keep the steam in when you double wrap. The steam is generated from the juices. So try to keep them all in is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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