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question on stuffing Collegen casing


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Greetings to all!

I'm going to make summer sausage for the first time this week and I have a couple questions.  First of all, I have a new LEM stuffer and Collagen casings.  They seem so big, that I'm wondering if I should use the stuffer, or just take my wood plunger from my KitchenAid and stuff them by hand with a canning funnel.  Also, I'm going to use my Cook Shack smoker and the lowest setting I have is 140 degrees.  I see so many of you saying that smokers should start out at 110, then bump it up by 10 degrees every so often.  What will be the result if I put them in the Cook Shack, then turn on the smoker to the lowest setting?  Should I put a pan of ice in the smoker to keep the temp down until I add wood for smoke?

Thanks so much!


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yes use the stuffer ........... put the casing over the tube ......... all the way to the end  ....... grip it with one hand and crank the stuffer with the other ...... keep a fairly tight grip and fill the casing  until it stretches tight 


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After stuffing hang your chubs for a while so the casing dries to the touch. If you put your sausage in the smoker and do not warm the smoker up first the coolness of the sausage will help keep your temps down. The smoker will be trying to warm itself and the meat. When the sausage IT gets to 120 then start bumping up you smoker temp up 10 degrees until you get to 170. You can bring your sausage IT up up to 152 and put in a ice bath to stop the cooking. Another option is to pull the sausage around 145 and then put them in 170 hot water until the IT is 152 then ice bath.

If your smoker temp goes over 170 the fat just under the casing will start to render. I don't bump my smoker temp until the sausage temp is about 10- 20 degrees less than the smoker temp. Then bump 10 degrees and wait until the sausage is 10-20 degrees less again until 152 is reached.


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140 degree start will be fine...... Just don't bump the temps up until the 3rd hr
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