Question on St Louis Ribs

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jgruberman, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. jgruberman

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    The last two times I've smoked ribs, the cook times have been unexpected so I wanted to see if I was doing something wrong.

    Two different smokers at 225, one of them electric so it was steady. Used an AMNPS for the electric and wood chunks for the other. I've been following 3-2-1.

    I have the ribs in at 225, then after 3 hours foil them and maybe spray them with apple juice. After two hours, I go to unfoil them and the internal temp is 200-210 already and the meat is receding up the bone. So I didn't put them on for one... I refoiled them and put them in an insulated cooler and ate them a few hours later... They were fine.

    So where's the "1 on" from the 3-2-1? Should I do it anyway, or adjust something else, or just keep doing what I'm doing?

    Here's how they look after the 2 hour foiling.


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  2. hardcookin

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    In my opinion 3-2-1 is more a guideline. Every smoker cooks different as does every piece of meat. So you really can't go by 3-2-1.
    Myself I like to cook by tempeture and at the end do tooth pick or bend test.
  3. jgruberman

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    Tooth pick Test?

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  4. hardcookin

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    Take a tooth pick and see if the meat in between the bones is probe tender. Usually the thickest part of the rib.

    BTW that rib looks pretty darn good. Thumbs Up
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  5. jgruberman

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    The ribs look perfect!


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