Question on -3-2-1 smoking spare ribs 5 hours in advance

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jsotelo, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. My Brother-in-law is fighting lymphoma and he asked me to smoke spare ribs and pulled pork for the 4th. How could I say no?So for the ribs I’m going to do 3-2-1 BUT I can only smoke early in the morning and we’re not going to eat until 4. So The ribs will go on the smoker at 5am and will be pulled off at 11 wrapped in foil, wrapped in a towel and then put into a cooler.My question is this. With the 3-2-1 should I just pull the ribs after the “2” and while they are still wrapped in foil, wrap them in a towel and put them in the cooler. Then about an hour before we eat I pull them out and finish the last hour.ORShould I just finish the 3-2-1 and then re-wrap the ribs and store in the cooler?Thanks in advance!Jon
  2. michief

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    I have had to leave ribs wrapped for several hour. Never had a problem doing this and if hou make sure the cooler is stuffed full of towels it should still be at serving temp.

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  3. rdknb

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    I would fully cook and then leave in cooler wrapped in foil and towels
  4. cliffcarter

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    Cook them fully, cool and wrap in foil and put them in the fridge where you know they will be at the right temp to prevent any chance of food born illness. Reheat on a slow grill for 30-40 minutes and serve hot.
  5. I cook ribs just about every weekend and leave them in the cooler for at least 5 hours and then throw them on a grill to sear the sauce on right before serving. They are still too hot to handle most of the time when I pull them out. Guess I've got a good cooler.
  6. geerock

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    Not for nothin, and maybe things have changed, but isn't smoked anything a big fat no no with that illness?
  7. pops6927

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    I would go with cliffcarter's advice; they can easily be reheated, but can't be de-bacteria'ized without a lot of clorox.
  8. dougmays

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    Ditto what everyone else is saying...cook to completion, wrap and reheat
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone

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