Pulled Pork with Friends! w/QView!!

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Dec 27, 2009
This is my second go-round with pulled pork. The first time I used a 6 lb. picnic and it went quite well.

When I heard my wife was going to a women's church event on a Saturday evening...well, the first 2 things that popped into my mind were smoking and friends. I promptly started inviting guys over and when all was said and done, there were 8 of us.

This time I went to Sam's Club and bought two 6.5 lb pork butts. Friday night I laid on the mustard and applied healthy portions of rub. One was a more 'normal' BBQ rub (if there is such a thing) and the other was a Carolina rub. I stuck them in airtight containers and then in the fridge.

At 6am I was rolling out of the sack, made some coffee and while it was brewing I uncovered the WSM and got it ready to go. By 6:45, I had the temp up to about 250 and the butts went on! I managed the temp around 220 - 230 for a chunk of the day. Somewhere around 11:45, I flipped them fatty side down and rotated them 180 degrees. I left all the fat on for this cook.

While it was doing it's thing, I made a list and went shopping. I went out on a limb and threw some beans together along with two sauces and some jalapeño corn bread...some things I have never done before. About 12:30, I put the beans on the bottom grate in the smoker.

About 2:15, the IT hits the mid 160s and I double foil it and throw it back in the smoker. But before I do, I pull a chunk off and slice it up and throw it in my beans! Somewhere around 4:15 I pull the meat out and set it in the kitchen to settle down. With supper scheduled at 6:00, I unwrap my butts at about 5:30. The bones slide out and I stand in awe. As I pull, there is a breeze from my deck through the kitchen and out the garage then down the street. At 6pm, the last guy shows up and having parked halfway down the block says, "I open the door of my car and the smell hits me full force. I can't believe the whole neighborhood isn't beating down your door!" I'm thinking that's a pretty good compliment. Another guy mentioned that he didn't know you could get that good of meat outside a restaurant! 

The meat turned out fantastic including a wonderful smoke ring. In the process I forget to take all the pictures I want, but I do have some to share.    








Nothing like when you get it right huh! Great job!

Next time also look in the wiki for soflaquers finishing sauce, you won't believe how good it is on PP
I went looking and found it. Now I can't wait to try it.
Looks good and I bet it even tasted better. Nice going. I am going to have to give the mustard rub a try on my next rub.
Every weekend?? That wouldn't be such a bad gig!!  
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Doogle, that is some fine looking PP and great looking Beans, I had to work last night and missed it as I worked till almost 4:00 AM.  Keep up the good work and you will eventually have the neighbors cozying up to you just to get a taste of that wonderful meat! Good work and good Q-View!

Your SMF Friend,

And to think...My Uncle is smokin' famous!

Wish I could have been there, but I had a smokefest of my own this last Sunday.  I did a whole yard bird, a Beef Top Roast and a giant Pork Tenerloin.

Looks good...I'm thinkin' a little Pulled Pork might be just the ticket for this weekend.
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