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Pulled Pork - Injected w/ QViews


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Hi everyone. I have not made smoked pulled pork in a few months and found some on sale and knew I wanted to make some BBQ meals for my disabled aunt and uncle for the holidays since they like BBQ so I bought about 16 lb of Boston Butt and decided to make half this weekend. This time around I thought I would try something different by injecting the pork, so, in a sauce pan I first heated up 16oz of apple juice, 4 oz vinegar, 3Tbs sugar, 1 Tb salt, boiled, stirred, cooled.

Got an early start in the morning, rubbed the exterior of the meat with vinegar and salt, then injected it with about 1/2 of the injection mix, coated the pork butt with some BBQ rub and let it sit for an hour or so until I got the smoker up to 240. Put the butt on shelf #2 on the rack (no pan) in the MES 30 with a foil pan below it on shelf #3 to catch drippings. Add Hickory and kept it smoking for 7 hours.  

After that I took it out and put it in the pan (had an IT of 165F). This was the first time I did a butt and injected it and saw a difference with just moving the sucker from the rack to a pan it made a yummy bubble juicy sound of all that good stuff I shot up in it, I could tell it was super moist!! In the pan I added some of the unused apple juice injection mix. Covered the meat and pan with heavy foil, put the remote temp probe in it to watch the IT and put it back in the smoker (no more smoke, just heat).  Not that my lady and I we were planning on part of this for dinner, but I was running out of time and since I had to get up at 4 for work Monday, so, had to kick the schedule up so I covered it in foil and kicked the temp up to 275 to move things along and waited she hit an IT of 205. Yeah, it wasn't until 10 pm until that happened but it was worth the wait.

Man, this was better than the last butts I did, not sure if the injection had anything to do with it, but I'd like to think so. I have another one of same size I think I'll do in a few weeks the same way. 

Next Day: As I mentioned, my aunt and uncle who no longer cook, like BBQ, so I did an experiment of making a "BBQ Pork Shepherds Pie" of this pork, mixed with a little BBQ sauce, that was the bottom layer, some home made mashed taters on that and then some cheddar cheese on the top with parsley. That was tonight's dinner experiment, which, came out A-OK, so I'll be making them some dinners !!! Mmmm. Not sure if meals-on-my-wheels counts as a Christmas gift, but this one might if they like it.... Thanks for reading....is this worth any points !?!?



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R2M, Tasty looking PP and tastier looking pie!


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Nice job on the PP and shepherds pie!

They both look fantastic!

Point for taking care of your Aunt & Uncle!



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Thats a great smoke and a real nice thing to do.

All told it's worth a POINT to me.



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Points for pulled pork for your aunt and uncle!


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