Pulled Pork / Brisket same smoke

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Jan 3, 2018
The Frozen Tundra - WI
Sister visiting from NY. Asked what they wanted during the visit. Answer:
Pulled Pork!

Hummm. OK, lets see what we can do.

I have some recipes and always reference Bearcarver Bearcarver to see what his history shows.

In the end I stole his 265f technique, made some tweaks and was pretty happy with the results.

My shoulder roast was pretty big. 11 lbs.
Brisket was a 3 lb Angus end piece I had in the freezer.
I started at 10:00 pm the previous night as being done early is better than everyone waiting.

So...off we go... so simple.
Did the rub 12 hours before cooking
Heated smoker to 265f. OAT was 20f
Dried a full Amazn tray worth of hickory in the microwave.
Lit that and let it run.

So, I always end up with some end pieces after slicing up my bacon recipe. So I use some of them here.

Top rack:
I make a tinfoil tray and poke a bunch of holes in the foil with a fork.
I load that up with about 1/2 pound of my bacon trimmings
That rack goes in the top slot
The bacon renders down during the smoke and bastes the shoulder roast below it.

Second rack is the shoulder roast

Bottom rack was my 3 pound brisket end.

My smoker is a frankenstien I have built over the years.
An MES unit where the only thing that is still original and functioning is the door latch.
I have a Lil Smoky grill bolted to the chip intake (kind of like the mailbox mod but with a flip up top).
Auber heater controller... Extremely accurate and the WiFi capabilities are priceless.
Couple of internal fans for cold smoke movement, etc etc

...and away we go at 10:00 pm.

Brisket was probe tender (198f) after 12 hours.
Pulled, foiled, added beef broth and tucked in my oven's warming drawer at 140f

Pork shoulder roast took 12 hours to get to 165.
Wrapped in foil with some beef broth and tucked into the smoker at 265f
Pork roast hit 200f after 15 hours.
Pulled and set in oven at 145f as dinner was still three hours out.

I went from taking pictures to everyone converging on the finished product...so no pre-serving pics...damn.

It was my single best effort on a Brisket... I struggle with these and think it was more the fact that I had an Angus Brisket than any cooking technique.

Some pics of the effort:

Spice rub:
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May 18, 2020
Amazing color on the pork. Especially since you cooked in an a MES. The Lil Smokey mod added that flame element that you need for a great bark. What was in the rub? did you use the same rub for the brisket? F in the chat for not taking any final brisket pics.


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Aug 3, 2015
Alexandria, VA
Looks like a successful cook from here! I’m sure you had some happy guests! Great work !
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