Pulled Pork BBQ sauce

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Oct 8, 2016
Metro Detroit
Ok, so I am planning to do 5 pork butts in my smoker for my kids birthday party. I am wondering how much sauce everyone thinks I will need. I am planning on around 25 people. Maybe a few more, but no more then 30. Some of them will be kids or older grand parents. I am leaving the BBQ sauce off and everyone can put their own on the sandwiches. I have already made 4 cups of Mustard sauce to start. Wondering if i should do 4 or 6 cups of a traditional KC style sauce? Or is that enough? I have never done an event this size where I made the food all by myself.
Ok, so upon further reading and research, I have just decided to freeze 2 of those pork butts and go with 3. 3 I think would be more then sufficient at a 1/3 of a pound per person.
Wow, 5 butts for 25-30 people?  That's like 35-40 lbs of uncooked meat, unless the butts are cut down in size to 4-5 lbs each.  I would do two 7-8 lb butts for that many people at work who raved about the meat, and still have leftovers. 

If you pick up some cheap ($1) 12-16 oz plastic squeeze bottles from the grocer your sauce will go a lot further.  I found that people use less when it is in a squeeze bottle.  You could have two bottles of each type and probably bring most of that home. 

Don't forget a finishing sauce, like Chef JJ's.  It is a seasoned vinegar that REALLY complements smoked pork.  A couple of squeeze bottles of those are REAL easy to put together.  Just use the Forum's search feature for "finishing sauce" and several recipes will come up.

Have fun at the party! 

PS.  My wife came home while I was writing the above and several folks helped you.  Looks like you are on track.  
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