Propane pipe burner build

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gotta drill more holes so flame jumps across ,hole size is # 30 in long tubes ( 1/8th inch ) ,then put in smoke house and see what temps I get and can control ,don't want to much heat that I can't control low enough for sausage smoking , mad scientist building franken burner
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Did you have a calculator or chart to determine #of holes and their size vs. orifice size...  ??

Nice looking burner......
I basically got real lucky , did quit a bit of surfing and the folks at Tejas manufacturing where I ordered venturi unit (the brass pc where propane tank attaches to ) were very helpfull.

The venturi unit comes predrilled  with a # 61 orifice which they state is for high pressure propane and comes in several diameters .

The size of the pipe is 3/4 black gas pipe , I measured inside of my vertical smokehouse and made sure burners  stayed six inches from the sides for saftey , and just built it to those dimensions .

I was expecting to have to adjust pipe length , get differant regulators , mess with burner hole size ( which I still might have to do ) but pretty happy with results so far .

Need to get unit inside smoke house and see what kinda heat I get .

To answer your question Dave yes there are alot of formulas out there , but my wee brain had trouble with them ...
Looks good. Is that Teflon tape or pipe dope at the joints?

Cant wait to see your full set up. Are you going to install safety shut off device in case of flame out?
Yes Teflon tape it's temporary ,once I get it tweaked were I want it i will disassemble and torque everything down with pipe dope ,any suggestions on the type I should use for food ? I drilled the number # 30 holes one inch apart and the flame wouldn't jump came back and drilled a # 40 between each one seemed to help . Good blue flame , I don't know if I'll install safety valve yet , haven't used on prior burners but you have sparked my interest , although death by smokehouse would be a good death ,joking I probably will install one
There's a good thread here that'll have to find. Guy converted to NG but installed a PID and a safety cut off.

That would make an ideal set and forget sausage smoking shack.
Update ,doing a test cook/smoke today

50 degrees in TN today and I can keep Temps low enough at these temps so I am pretty happy because when it is colder I know I will be in good shape .
I only use my out house for doing big batches of snausage (150lbs @ a time) and it is crude is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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