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Prime Brisket and Mushroom Scalloped Fauxtatoes


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In what has been a weekend of a rapidly changing world I needed to do something "normal". Normal and stress reducing for me is cooking. I had grabbed a prime brisket at Sam's and was ready to roll with it. I pondered sides last night and decided to do some kind of scalloped "fauxtatoes" and a salad of some sort. I had a lot of other things going on so did not capture a lot of prep work.

I went very simple with just SPOG for rub. I smoked the brisket hot and fast at 300F. I used B&B Texas style oak lump and a mix of mesquite and cherry. I put a pan under it with a mix of Minors Beef Au jus, Minors beef broth and some rosemary and savory. I had some errands to run so once I got it settled in I took off for a few hours. Love monitoring it remote from miles away with the Fireboard. The 270 cabinet held +/- 2F to 300F the entire time. After I came home I wrapped it in a pan with a bit of broth about 170ish. I checked it at 198F and it was really tight still. I put it back in and run it up to 204F, was like butter to the probe. Into a cooler it went then for around an hour or so. Here it is brought inside and ready to serve some. I did not get a dark bark but it is a bit darker and redder than the pic indicates.

whole in pan.jpg

Here are a few shots shots of the slices and the good ole bend test. Not sure how well it shows in the text but the tenderness and juice level were off the charts!
sliced 2.jpg

slice bent.jpg

Here are some of the chunks from the point. I love the fatty point the most and usually just cut it in chunks. This stuff was juicy and melt in your mouth lucious tender.
chopped 2.jpg

For the fauxtatoes I sliced and boiled two Daikon radishes. Boiled until tender and drained. Then it was time to make the sauce. The sauce started with a roux of almond flour and butter . I added in heavy cream , a little gruyere , parmesan and cream cheese. I added in about a cup of porcini and chanterelle mushrooms and simmered to get that nice shroom flavor married in. After that it was time to layer it in a pan with the Daikon and bake off at 375F until the top browned a tad. Pics are a shot of the sauce in progress and a close up of the baked pan. The mushrooms really came through in the creamy sauce. This stuff is the bomb. A definite keeper in the rotation.
sauce in pan.jpg

scalloped mushroom Daikon.jpg

I whipped up a quick tomato blue cheese salad. Very simple stuff, tomato, blue cheese , some olive oil and a touch of course salt. Here it is all coming together plated up for supper. Here are a couple plated shots.

plated 2.jpg

plated 1.jpg

Well that's it. Thanks for looking!!This was the first cook where I actually used prime. I can say without a doubt the prime brisket is the best I have ever done. I will likely only do prime from now on.


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Looking danged good, nice cook.
I'll have to try the mushroom sauce with real taters.


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Very nicely done. The taters look great. Excellent job on the plating - Like


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Yum, your plating is like a work of art. I understand cooking does relax the mind, when I have a big cook on the line with guests there is no relaxing for me. Haha. Beer calms me in that situation.


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It doesn't get much better than that!
Nicely done!!


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You brisket looks to be spot on, just a beautiful piece of work, Like! RAY

tx smoker

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Another stellar meal Jeff!! I've never considered brisket to be an elegant meal but you certainly presented it that way!! Excellent job and congrats on the carousel ride. Much deserved for a gorgeous meal my friend. Big LIKE


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Jeff, WOW!

That looks fantastic my friend.... :emoji_thumbsup:

Love the smoke ring on that and a lovely lookin' plate to boot.




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Dang Jeff! That brisket was smoked to absolute perfection. Whole meal looks outstanding man. Big LIKE!


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Looks like a winner! Shroom sauce has my mouth watering................... Super point for shroom sauce!!!!!

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