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Pre-packaged spice mixes as good?


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The weather is cooling in Missouri and my sights are set on several sausage recipes.  I've wondered; are the packaged spice mixes, like from Cabelas, etc., as good as mixing your own spices?  I typically go to specialty spice houses and buy premium spices compared to those from the grocery store.  Sure they cost more, but when you consider their impact to compared to their cost they seem like a good investment in a 10 pound sausage batch.  For example, I tried a teriyaki snack stick mix from Cabelas and thought it was average at best.  I'm not making my own sausage to get average results, and I'm sure you are not either.  Just wondered what your experience is on this spice issue; thanks!


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O, your best sausage will be from your mix once you find the right ingredients. Eldon Cutlips "Sausage and Jerky recipes " is a good book for recipes as is this site. I use store mix for some SS but most other sausage is from recipes that I mix myself.


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I have been using the mixes from the Sausage Maker & like them all.



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I use both my mix and the packaged stuff.  Like the others, when I use the packaged mix, I make sure I get a well known brand, they've been doing it for a while and know what's good.

However, like CrazyMoon said, once you find a good mix of your own, you'll stick with it.


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Done many mixes myself. These days i find the pre mixes are really good. Owens BBQ has some very good mixes.


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There are many good ones out there. I've used some from PS Seasonings and they are very good.


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Even though I have not YET actually make sausage, BUT have studied it for MANY hours here and this Polish based site ----

at http://wedlinydomowe.pl/en/viewtopic.php?t=7574

I would say STUDY - and then mix your own spices.

I am wary of any "commercially available" stuff being below the standards of the people here, and even more, below the Polish site.

That's not saying nothing good is not widely available.

Very well may be, validating the reason of post OP made.

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I do both . I like to mix my Italian sausage from spices I put together . Brats and breakfast sausage I buy from sausage maker . 


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Me really new to sausage making. Just did my first batch SS, high mountain kits turned out great. But from doing a lot BBQ pulled pork, sauces. I think my opinion depends on how quickly you will use the spices. I mixed my own BBQ rubs and sauces  for along time. But when you let a container of spices set on the shelf after you have made and put up 25lbs of pulled pork and few quarts of bbq suace. The spices on the self start losing brightness. But sometimes you hit that mix at home that commercial does not cover. Me I thinks just depends on how much you will use and how soon. I still got my rubs and sauces I mix up, but not as a general call. SO many good mixes commercially(and tweak some yourself with a test fry). JMHO

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