portable pellet smokers

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Dec 22, 2012
south georgia
wife and i are 70 yrs old and wanted to purchase a portable smoker since it is just the wife and i so i thought that would just be perfect for us. we would keep it on our back pato under a shelter. we were looking at the pitt boss table top pellet smoker. wanted to get others thoughts. thanks
While not portable, this one should be perfect for the two of you.

I have a Green Mountain Davey Crockett that I travel with. It has wifi that I don't use, is very efficient using the pellets. Easy to clean and pretty compact. Downside is that it is pretty heavy, weighs about 50 pounds
Easiest roll around is Oklahoma Joe's with the large wheels. Poor temperature control, and poor product support.
I suggest you think about what you want to cook on it then let that define size.

When you write "portable" do you mean like put in your car or truck? Maybe you mean just roll it around.
i have a table on the patio that i could put the portable pellet smoker on and i dont intend to be rolling it around. it will stay in the same place all the time. we would only use it for steaks, hamburgers....basically small items for the wife and i. i was hoping to put it on my table. i thought that the portable pellet smokers would be all the grilling surface we would need.
While I haven't used 1 of the small smokers the Austin LX has been great to me, I see no reason why the smaller unit wouldn't work as advertised, think they have a 5 year warranty . a Cadillac and a Volkswagen will get you to the same place, good luck lot of choices now/
the portable pellet smokers all have great reviews. i like the sear function on the pitt boss. thanks for all the help!
If it's just for burgers and steaks. Why not go with a gas grill? With gas you don't have any moving parts or electronics to breakdown. Plus a propane tank is easier to store than pellets. If your looking for a hint of smoke flavor with a propane grill you can use a pellet tube.

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Rec tec bullseye would be good. Traeger also has a smaller portable. But if you’re just looking a small size. I’d consider the pro 575. Not too big should be a perfect size

Traeger makes the Ranger. About the size of a small suitcase. I used one for a year and gave to my son in law now i have a Grilla Grills Chimp it has folding legs and wheels and is considered a portable can go on a tailgate. I have had it for 3 years and love it
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