Porky goodness and a big thank you

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jun 14, 2010
Nashville, TN
Howdy all,

I've not been able to comment much lately, but I've not stopped cooking. 

This weekend I made my first Canadian bacon (apple) and it is delicious.  I smoked a sharp and mild cheddar, a mozerella, 2 wedges of manchego, a grand queso and a havarti (pecan and apple for all of them).  If you haven't tried a manchego cheese yet, please do so as soon as possible.  It's a little pricey but it is soooooo good.  I also smoked some sea salt (maple).  It's beautiful and tastes good too!

I've been "volunteered" to do ribs for a luncheon at work.  They are in the smoke right now in some apple and hickory.  I was reading the forum this morning and think I have figured out the basics of a homemade sauce.  I made a red and a mustard sauce and they don't suck none at all.

So thank you all for your support, assistance and friendship.  I never saw myself doing some of these things and I think I owe most of it to you good folks.

Have a great week.


Pics to follow!
Sounds like some tasty Q..
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