Pork Tenderloin and Pork Roast

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dr good you gotta realize that people adapt. One man's hell may be anothers play ground. Nothing like a good day on the snow mobile or skiing the fresh powder. Heating is the same, you adapt and perfect. Just like living in the extra hot regions.. what can you do for fun there?

Blow a frozen dog off his chain huh? That's a stiff breeze. Keep up the good posts.


There's really no need to water down the Apple Juice (don't use a juce "cocktail", as they call it - 100% juice). The natural sugars of the juice will assist in forming a good "Bark". I usally mix it with Apple Cider Vineger, and Cooking Oil. Don't use the the vinegar mix on Beef, such as Brisket. Shake the bottle well before spraying. Use about 2/3 Juice and !/3 Oill and AC Vinegar.

Joe, You may have missed the position of my tongue in my epistle re the weather. I myself am a great admirer of the Rotax in many snowmobiles,, in fact I put my life in its hands most weekends, but it is attached to a propellor at 3000 ft.

Fun in the hot country ?. I seem to remember having heaps but never with too many cloths on. Uh oh, this is a family show.
NOW back to smoking.

I love your pics., Joe
Ohh no dr good I got your position.. all in jest and all for fun. Don't worry with me.. I'm as easy going as it gets.. Look forward to more of your posts :)

Play fast... smoke slow

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