Pork Tenderloin and Pork Roast

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Nov 25, 2006
Hi All. I've been put on notice by the house boss that I WILL be smoking a couple of pork loins and two small pork roasts for a church gathering. It is an evening dinner on December 3rd. From what I gather, a bit of a buffet, or in my world.. hog trough event.

Any way I'm open for suggestions here. They have asked for the meat to be pulled... do pork loins go further pulled or sliced? I'm pretty partial to pulled pig. There will be other meats there from others. An oven brisket that I know of right now.. what a shame.

I've suggested the usual slaw, baked beans, breads, and of coarse a pickle or two. Any other ideas to throw on the table?

What do you think about brining the pork? I've never brined pork before, I was always told it didn't do much for it... Let me know if you've done this and what you think.

I'll try to get some pics as I go on this. And thanks for the ideas.

Along with the two loins, two small pork roasts, now there is a 7lb pork shoulder butt thrown into the mix... I will have to restock the foil supply before the weekend.

I think I will brine the meat, just for kicks, to see how it turns out. Any suggestions for the brine mix? Don't be shy, I'm up for flavor.

Pics of the show to follow as they happen. Ohh yeah.. what size pic works best in the forums?

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Friday morning 2:00 am
The piggy meat is now soaking in a standard salt / sugar brine. Will rinse, dry, rub and re-refrigerate tomorrow

Here's the rundown on the meat 27.5 lbs of pork to go in the smoker Saturday. Two 1.5 lb pork roasts, Two pork loins totaling 17.6 lbs and one pork shoulder butt roast coming in just under 7 lbs

Yesterday we had freezing rain and sleet, tonight it was snowing so hard I couldn't hardly see the road coming home with approx. 7 inches of snow on the ground to boot - pretty mean snow / sleet for this area. Saturdays highs expected to get back up to the 30's... I hope they're right or it's gonna be a looong smoke.

I will get the wind block put up before Saturday morning to help with the heat issue

Will post the food pics for those screen lickers starting with the rub.. so in the mean time just keep biting your hand and wait.. they're coming

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The brining is done and pork is happy. I have the meat rubbed and is now sitting comfortably in the fridge out in the shop.. waiting for the big moment.

I'm ready to eat now!


Good luck on your smoke. Weather has been rough here also. Keep pics comming. What are you smoking on?
Thanks guys - 10 am temp up to 28º already, Sweeeet!

I'm smoking on a GOSM propane with modified smoke box and a prayer that it all comes out good.
It never hit 28 here today.I have some ribs and a 5-6# butt in the smoker now thermometer says 173.Temp outdoors now says 18.Ribs are done just waiting for the wife to get home.Butt is looking great.
Did the ribs with the 3-2-1 method and very very good.Brenda was looking in the smoker to see if there was another rack! :cry: I think she would have ate another.......Butt is in the foil up to 182

Very nice pix! Glad everything turned out well. For future reference, it is NOT recommended to brine pork. More often than not, when combined with a salt based rub, it is too much. I would recommend injecting it with a fruit juice with herbs and spices (no salt) if you are seeking extra flavor.

Just past 7 pm the pork is at 165º all wrapped in foil and back in the smoker.. sorry forgot to get the pics while smoking and wrapping. I will remove the meat from the smoker at 195º, wrap in a towel and put in cooler for a couple of hours to relax. I WILL get the pics of the finished bulk meat then of the finished pull pork.

It smells so good I wanna eat it now...

Coz I'd ask you for a piece of your butt.. but some might take that wrong.. so you and the Mrs. enjoy. Glad the ribs turned out.
Thanks for the tip SoFlaQuer.. I've never brined pork before, but some have said they have.. thought I'd try it.. Hope it's not too salty. I'll use a little sweeter pulling sauce to try offsetting the saltiness. I may bomb this one. I've been spraying apple juice /water mix on it while smoking, might help. I'll report back on the results.

tell me dr good.. what are the winters like in your area? 30ºF isn't bad at all.. go further north from here and it gets COLD (0 or below for the highs during the rough weeks) Gotta luv it!
Got down to 15 this morning up to a balmy 18 now.

The smoke turned out great. Kept the Thin Blue Smoke going until the 165º mark when the piggies went into foil. I took the meat out at 200º. After removing they went into the cooler wrapped and insulated for an hour and a half. The meat was so tender it almost pulled itself. The shoulder bone just fell out. I didn't measure the liquid juices, but there were many cups. The real test happens later when it's feeding time.

It wasn't too salty after pulling. Like I said, the test comes later







6 above here this morning in wonderful Wisconsin.I sure am glad the snow missed us but I am sure that we will get our share yet.The Butt turned out well so in a couple hours we will have the taste test at the inlaws.I pulled it last nite after 2 hours in the foil/towels/cooler.It was still hot enough that I used forks to pull instead of my hands.Looking forward to reaping the rewards of yesterdays efforts.Thanks to all the ideas every one on this board puts forth.
Okay, it's official. The pork was a HUGE hit. Everyone loved it and there is only enough left for 3 or 4 good sammies. That's a lot of eating. Can't wait til the next smoke. Think maybe I'll go for some more ribs.. anything but turkey!
I went to the records for this area back to 1950 and revealed the average min temp through our winter in this district is about 11 or 12 C. It reached 1* C in 1956 and I suppose a few other times in the single figures over the last 60 years. That must be something like the 50-60* F.

30* F is not bad you said mate! WOW it certainly is not bad,,, it is terrible. AND I will be thinking of those poor people who must suffer the 0 *F. That is 32 below in the F. factor. What do they do inside for months. Clothing and the heating must cost more than the price of a gold plated whizzo smoker or two. I guess people just adjust and over the generations learn to live (?) in these conditions.

We have areas in the interior desert like conditions where it is very cold
at night but NOTHING like your temps. When we get a westerly from the centre it will blow a frozen dog off his chain but then we have the very hot days after this. Even in our 'deep south', like Melbourne an 8 or 10 * C day is a torture.

I moved from the west to this area where we have temps from 12 C in the winter to about the 30 C in summer, some humid days but mostly S.E. to N.E. breezes off the Pacific Ocean which is about 2 miles away.We live a simple but uncomplicated life on the little farm growing most of out own food. We give lots away to neighbours and friends.

I have been awakened by this information from my smoking brothers who unknowingly suffer these inhumane conditions. Does the U.N. know about it?

Oh well, thankfully God made us all different otherwise there would not be any room left in Australia, what we here call "the lucky country".

Should any of the brethren be visiting the 'great south land' you will be welcome here.

Friends, this is written with tongue in cheek, I mean well and truely will be thinking of you all during your winter. How do you smoke now? Be too cold in the barn.

Anyway back to Smoking.
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