Pork shoulders taking forever

Discussion in 'Pork' started by riddlin, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. riddlin

    riddlin Newbie

    Ok so I bought the pork shoulders from Costco. You get a 4 pack for like 12.00. They are like 2lbs a piece. I have a camp chef pro dlx cooking at 225. Seriously have had these in the smoker for 9.5 hours and still at 183 degrees. Why are they taking so long? I've been smoking for 5 months and never have experienced this. And no they were never frozen.
  2. normonster

    normonster Smoke Blower

    Bro, that is like the classic stall you are in.

    Wrap them up in foil really tight so no vapor can escape, crank it up to 300 (or not), and they'll be done soon. Google the "stall"
    + pork shoulder for all types of info on it.

  3. chef jimmyj

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    Check for tenderness with a probe. Several hours stalled at 185 tenderizes just as much as a steady rise reaching 205. As above foiled in a 300 oven makes quick work of finishing the cook...JJ
  4. pit 4 brains

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    My butt was the first thing in the pit this morning and the last one out this evening. In the mean time I smoked two racks of spare ribs and a brisky point for pastrami. 

    Butts can take forever at lower temps.

    I see your post is 6 hours old. It should be ready now.. Give it at least an hour to rest before you pull it.

  5. SmokinAl

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    So how did it turn out?

  6. riddlin

    riddlin Newbie

    I wrapped it and turned it up. It was fabulous. I just couldn't believe the stall. 9 hours for 2 1/2 lb shoulders? Damn. It was really good though and that bark.
  7. hillbillyrkstr

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    Texas crutch (wrapping at stall with some liquid in the foil) works wonders if your in a time pinch. But it hurts the bark so I never use it. I just give myself plenty of time and if I still run over my guests knows at my place "we eat when it's done". Almost no exceptions.
  8. Yup...mine too. And just like your brisket at the fatty contest...its ALWAYS better when you wait...

  9. uncle eddie

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    It sure looks good!

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