Pork Shoulder Rubbed and Somkin!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by ob 1, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Beautiful day here in Northern VA so last night I pulled the 8lb pork  shoulder out and used Chef Jimmy J's Mild Bubba Q Rub.  They've been smokin for 3 hours so it will be a long night....

     I've taken some pics so I'll post later tonight with some results!!....Thanks Chef Jimmy J for the receipe.  [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Did a slight mod as I'm tinkering..[/font]
  2. scarbelly

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    [​IMG]  standing by 
  3. sounds promising!  :)

    ...remember, if you lookin', you ain't cookin!

  4. I'm a lookin....Only from the kitchen window as I type ;-)
  5. OK,

    It's 0-beer 30 and time to post some Q views while I wait and tend to the firebox!


    Rub made and ready to unwrap the smokin' beauty..


    All trimmed up.  Nice marbling and not too much trimming needed.


    Rubbed and ready to sit...overnight


    Rubbed side view.  Bone-in!


    Don't laugh.. I used up the disposable dressing pans and the wife said no to me taking out a kitchen pan...But she's a smokin'!!!
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  6. redheelerdog

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    Now that is gonna be GOOD!

  7. jrod62

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    [​IMG] sorry couldn't help myself. (disposable dressing pans) hey if it works !!!

    I use my wife cookie sheet for a baffle bent it up to fit. drill holes in it, (without asking if I could use it)[​IMG]

    did tell her she could have it back after I made a baffle to replace the cookie sheet ! ( she said "no thanks") 

    pork is looking good so far [​IMG]
  8. hurriken

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    At first I thought that was a pigs head on your ...pie pans...ah ha ha ha ha ha...sorry, are the skewers for easy handling? That is a good idea.

  9. It was recommended to me to use these skewers for easy handling and to "stuff" some fat into the shoulder.  Seems to have worked.  Almost ready to pull off the smoker.  Like most of you have said - it's a late night.....But those already asleep won't get first dibs...[​IMG]
  10. smokinal

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    Looks great so far! How did it turn out?
  11. chef jimmyj

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    Looks good so far...The fun part of making your own rub is laying with it...JJ
  12. johnnie walker

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    OB1, That's looking mighty fine. [​IMG]
  13. Well, it truly was an ALL Nighter.  Shoulder came off just as expected. (1.5hr x lb to smoke).  The great thing was that my last check to see if the shoulder was ready - I pulled up on the skewer and the dang thing fell apart...The shoulders ready.

    PWrapped in foil, blanket and let rest in a foil lined cooler for 1 hour.

    Here's the results -


    Fresh off the smoker - Skewers re positioned so it could be moved inside without dropping.


    Nice bark and what a great flavor.  Thanks CHEF JIMMY J!!


    Pretty good smoke ring


    8lb shoulder produced a TON of Q!!


    Guess what's for supper??!!!  With several hours sleep i'm onto slaw and baked beans!!!
  14. smokinal

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    Looks great! Nice job! I LOVE the bark!!!
  15. eman

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    Real nice lookin pig right there!
  16. johnnie walker

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    That's a heap of good eating right there. Nice looking smoke ring and bark. [​IMG]
  17. chef jimmyj

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    Alright, Beautiful job OB1...After your tweaks to the Rub, It's Your's!...Post it some time...JJ
  18. Chef Jimmy J's Mild Bubba Q Rub addition;


    1tsp Cinnamin

    1 tsp Cumin

    1 tsp Celery flakes

    Adjust to taste.  I like the freashness of the celery flakes.
  19. Now that's some fine looking pork...gonna have to do one of these soon!
  20. Looks awesome!!  Putting my 1st pork shoulder on in the morning.....  Hope it turns out like yours.

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