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  1. At 99 cents a pound for fresh pork shoulder I couldn't pass it up even though I have several bags in the freezer. This one weighed in at 101/4 pounds so I guessing around 15 hours more or less. My other half (aka the boss) likes this seeet tasty version so here we go.
    2 tablespoons of raspberry chipotle rub
    2 tablespoons of Grub Rub
    2 tablespoons of brown sugar
    1 tablespoon of course salt
    Ground fine to pass through a meat injection syringe.
    Mix one cup Cherry Dr Pepper
    1/4 cup of Southern comfort
    And 1/4 cup cherry syrup
    I saved about 1/2 cup for when I put the shoulder in a disposable aluminum pan at about 170 degrees. I love saving those rendered juices to add back into the pulled pork after I let the fat solidify and I remove it.
    The shoulder is injected rubed wrapped getting happy in the refrigerator un
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    More to come.
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    AHEM - it looks like more than 1/4 cup of Southern Comfort is missing from that bottle.................

    Great recipe.
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  5. You noticed that huh? Lol

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    That picture changed too.. there were 2 or 3 glasses with melting ice in them in the pic before when I looked. 😎
  7. Oh crap! You got me.

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    Good start!

  9. Rained a lot so I didn't get back to the pork shoulder until yesterday morning at 3:30 AM. Smoker was up to temp by 4:00 AM while shoulder came to room temp by 5:00 AM the shoulder was in the smoker, at 6:00 I added smoke to the now warm shoulder. A mix of oak, orange, and corn cob. Using the MES cold smoker attachment. It took 7 hours at 225 degrees to get to 160 inturnal temp at which time I transferred the shoulder into a disposable aluminum pan fat side down, with a cup of the injection ingredients plus a bit more cherry Dr. Pepper, probed it and covered it tightly with foil. At 9:30 PM it hit 206 internal temp, 161/2 hours at 225.
    I wrapped the shoulder in stretch wrap and two layers of tin foil and placed it in the bottom of a good quality cooler and packed it to the top with towels and set it aside. Meanwhile I poured those pan juices into a jar and set them in the refrigerator. This morning at 6:30 I removed the shoulder from the cooler and unwrapped it. It was still to hot to handle bear handed. It was tender and juicy as always with a sweet taste, but to make it even more juicy and flavorful I scoped the fat off the refrigerated juices heated them up and added them to the pulled meat which incidentally I pulled with my fingers with no effort.
    I am not good at remembering to take pictures so all I often manage is a before and after shot.
    Her is 101/4 pounds of pulled pork less fat and bone.

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    Superb. I'm going to run that recipe by the wife and see if I can get her approval to try it. She's a little protective of her own dry rub recipe but we'll see.

  11. My wife likes it, I had intended to Smoke it with cherry and orange wood, but used oak by accident. Oak is always a good wood to use, but I use it mostly on beef. I have never used corn cob But added one cob to the mix as an experiment. I don't know that it changed things much. After I pull the pork I like to add in addition to the juices a mix of the rubs I used in the injection less the salt mixed with a lot of brown sugar. I just shake it on like One would season a plate of food with salt and pepper. If you want it a little sweeter add some honey.
    I usually buy my butts at Sam's where they come two in a package, one I do for the wife and one I do for myself. You don't need approval to try something new if you do it that way.

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    Great looking PP and your recipe sounds like a winner!! I have never tried using corn cobs......interesting. 
  13. Thank you Sauced!

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    Nice cook Randy, looks real tasty! Thumbs Up
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    Nice looking pan of pp!:drool
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    nice pile of pork [​IMG][​IMG]
  17. Thanks b-one! Sorry I didn't take more pictures, I just get caught up in what I'm doing and forget to take pictures.

  18. Thanks Griz 400

  19. Thanks WaterinHoleBrew!


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