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  1. here we go with pork rind pellets from scratch. ok almost scratch. i bought the skins. instead of raising the pig.

    so here we go. got about 2 3/4# of pork skin from butcher shop. ( you may have to ask the butcher a few days in advance for skins).

    here are the 2 pieces of skin. washed and about ready for the pot.

    i did cut each half in 3 pieces before going into the pot.

    note the small wine barrel in the top left. good stuff.

    same 2 pieces

    now it is 6 pieces in the pot. going to boil 2 hours.

    drinking coffee while we eait for the 2 hour boil to happen. more pics to come, win loose or draw.
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    I am in..... I have been playing around with making pork rinds...... Almost have it figured out. Was going to try the boil method before the drying the next time I do them.......


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  5. skins rested in how water for 1 hour. 30 is long enough. but had to eat. now on cooling rack in fridge for a 2 hour cool down.

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    Looking forward to seeing this.
  7. now after 2 hours in the fridge. it's time to scrape the fat off. a large spoon works well for that. if you are doing a lot of rinds. only take a little out of the fridge at a time. the fat will scrape off easyer without tearing.

    the rind in back has been scraped. bottom right has the middle scraped. bottom left still has fat on it. the spoon shows the fat.

    same as above. with pile of scraped off fat. the fat will go in the fireplace. this pig will have no waste.

    skin scraped.

    pizza cutter works well to cut skin up. i like small pieces. easyer to add seasoning after cooking. and easyer to cook. but make them any size you like.

    more cut up. the strips on the top will be cut smaller. 

    cut skin on tray to dry overnite

    cut up to dry.

    my inspector checking the floor for waste[​IMG]. nothing foundon on floor. 1 tough inspector, and you think USDA is tough.

    once again we wait. they have to dry. should be at least overnite. but you can't go to long on drying.[​IMG]  kick back and have a cold one. more to come. i hope it is worth a point or 2.
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    Very cool.
  9. sorry for the typos football in the back ground
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  10. pellet dried.

     a few in the hot oil for a few seconds.

    a few seconds more.

    after about a min.

    done. sprinkled with seasoning as soon as they come out of the oil.

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  11. I bet some smoked salt or smoked paprika would be good on the rinds  [​IMG]
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    OMG! those look SOOOOOO GOOD. If I ever have belly skin I will so make these.
  13. Very nice... love how they turned out.

    I have some belly skin in the freezer and some on my bellies that I am getting 

    ready to smoke for bacon.

    I tried this once but wasn't aware of the "Boiling or Drying" time.

    Will definitely try this again using your method.

    Thanks themule69

    Happy Smokin'

  14. ok here are the ingredients i used.

    pork skins with a thin layer of fat.

    spice mix 2 tablespoons kosher salt (if i had smoked salt i would have used it)

    4 tablespoons sugar ( just a little to much)

    2 teaspoons cayenne (home grown dried then ground with seeds a little more would be ok for my taste)

    1 tablespoon smoked parprika ( if you don't have smoked then use what you have. it will be fine)

    if you mix it up a few days in advance. the flavors will bloom for better flavor.

    you can use about anything you like, they are good plain also.

    for the pig skins place in stock pot, cover with water, bring to boil for 2 hours. until very soft and able to tear easily.

    turn off pot and let cool for half hour.

    remove from water and lay on cooling rack, skin side down, place in fridge for 2 hours.

    remove skin from rack and scrape off as much fat as possable ( a spoon works well for this, the more fat you remove the crispier they will be.)

    once all the fat is removed. cut or tear into small pieces. ( a pizza cutter works well for this)

    i use a dehirator but you can use an oven to dry. you can't over dry. they will feel rock hard and inedible when done

    to cook bring your oil up to 390 deg.( your not far from the flash point so watch the temp close)

    drop a few into the oil, hold under the oil with a small pan or what ever you have. cook for about 60 sec. don't over cook.they will puff up and look great.

    remove from oil and season as soon as they come out of the oil. (put a lot more seasoning on than you think you need).

    yum yum they are good. if you smoked the skins some that would also add to the taste.

    hope you enjoy.
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  15. if i had, had smoked salt i would have used it. i did use smoked paprika. your mind is the limit to what you can add. i may try to smoke the skin sometime in the future.
  16. hey mike give it a try. remember to take a few pics.
  17. jarjarchef

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    Thank you for the post. It helped me fill in the holes I was missing.

    Great job!!!!!Thumbs Up
  18. had to do another batch. this time 6 half belly skins.

    finished pellets

    these things are so good.

    happy smoken.

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    Nice job ! Always wondered how that was done...
  20. mvincent42

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    Wow. I have some skin pieces in the freezer from some bacon I made. Now I know why I have been saving them. I will try soon and post pics! Awesome stuff! Big thumbs up to you!

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