Pork ribs

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tommy c

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Jun 23, 2006
I've been lookin'through the threads trying to get a full explaination of the 3-2-1 method for spare ribs, however, I cant find it. Can someone explain the process?
3 hours in the smoke cooking
2 hours wrapped in foil cooking
1 hour wrapped in foil, towels, in cooler

the times are guidelines, they are not set in stone. you want to cook the ribs until the meat pulls back about 1/4 inch.

wrap in foil adding a lot of your mop/spray. place back in the smoker and leave alone for about two hours, but you should check on them.

pull from smoker wrap the foild packets in old towel, place in cooler, and fill dead space with more towels.

BE CAREFUL when opening foil packets. I then place on grill for a little bit of time to firm the ribs back up, and let any sauce I am going to use cook into the meat.

It is important that cold beverages be consumed while you are engaged in 3-2-1 production of ribs. I have never had a bad set with the help of cold beverages, something about the sound of the pop top opening that makes the meat get right.
Thanks guys! I know what cha mean about the cold ones, except in my case, it's the bottle caps clinkin' in the galvinized bucket next to the smoker
Also I find if you use a frosty mug, you get that little layer of slushy ice on top :D
To think after all this time, I thought I was using the 3-2-1- method, only to find out mine was different. i stand by my word, that the 'methof' is to be thought of as a guideline, not LAW.
I used the 3-2-1 method a few weeks ago and had the best success with ribs in my short smoking career (3 years). Of course I didnt make enough, everybody loved them.
I did some 3-2-1 ribs last weekend, and although they ended up being 6-2-:30 ribs, they were fantastic. I'm going to try to put pictures up sometime soon.

3 hours smoke, ~220 degrees. Cook until meat is pulling back from ribs about 1/4 inch.

Wrap in foil, add a lot of moisture (I put about 1 cup of apple juice in each), and back into the smoker, same temp for 2 more hours.

Unwrap them, add a finishing sauce if you like, and finish in the smoker naked for the last 30minutes - 1 hour.
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