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  1. Hi everyone  

    I'm new to here and to smoking I do know a little bit about it.  We bought a Masterbuilt 40in smoker with the window. For the first time we smoked shrimp, sausage, and a whole chicken.  Shrimps where awesome, sausage was good, chicken was good also, I never injected it. Could of been better.

    The second time we did chicken and I did the same thing but I injected it with garlic butter 24 hr before and durning smoking awesome.  We also did back ribs, wet rub and covered with dry.  Maybe should of wet rubbed both sides of the back ribs?  Not to sure on that?  I guess thats a question there?

    I've taken a pork but and cut it in half as I didn't want to smoke for  12 hours so in hopes it would cut the time down a bit.  As they say 1 1/2 hours per pound.  The but was 8.4 pd and now its two pieces 4.3lb and 3.1lb.  I did a wet rub all round then i covered in a dry rub.  It's sitting in the fridge for now till tomorrow comes.. Has anyone any thought on cutting a pork but in half??
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    Yep its done all the time. You'll get more bark that way.
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  3. I know this going to sound stupid, but what do you mean "more bark that way"?  I've read that a few places.  
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      I would put rub on both sides if you removed the membrane from the bone side.

  5. The meat that is exposed to the smoke develops a dark, firm skin on it that is called the "bark". It has a more intense smoky flavor and a lot of people really go for it. By cutting your butt in half there is more surface area to the meat...so more bark! An extra bonus to go with the shorter cooking times!
  6. Hey everyone thanks for all the information.  Pork butt worked out great.   Brought the internal temp. to 185 F.  let it rest for 30 minutes or so. pulled it.  We had made our own bbq sauce.  We put half of the meat in the slow cooker.  Heated everything up (we where having guested come over).  WOW that pulled pork was outstanding.  We had rubbed the pork butt with mustard all around, and made my own seasoning, rubbed it all around let it sit in the fridge for 24 hrs.  


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    The mustard pretty much just cooks off, but it does help the rub adhere to the meat more. Just did a 7 3/4 lb pork shoulder the other day in 9 hours.

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