Pork Loin w Qview

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Mar 22, 2008
I recently bought a whole Pork Loin for 1.99 a lb I asked the wife how she wanted me to fix it and she wanted it marinaded in Teriyaki Sauce and then smoked. I cut it in half to make it fit into my marinading pans and to fit in the smoker easier. I let it marinade for two full days then smoked at 225-245 using apple wood until they hit 155 then I foiled them and let them rest. One half disappeared before I could get pics but here's the other half. It was pretty good and will be done again




Sometimes simplicity can be devasting... your Q view just blew me away. Thanks for sharing the pics, although a slice would have been my first choice. Thanks Jerry. 
I have to stay away from this site. I see the Q-view & wanna smoke something. I'll be smoking 7 days a week if this keeps up. Very nice looking loin, w/ mouth watering Q-view. Congrats!
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Now you have done another great looking hunk of meat there Jerry. Super juicey too.
Looks Great Jerry!

It probably will spoil pretty fast in that Florida heat.

Better get it up here to PA as fast as you can!!!

A newbe here would like a better understanding of "filleting and stuffing". I think I get the filleting but the stuffing could be very interesting.

Thank you

That's a great looking loin, Jerry.  I really like the teriyaki glaze.
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