pork loin or pork roast

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What type of pork roast? Pork loin can be pork roast, so can butt. Any good sized chunk of pork can bee slow smoked, it's only a matter of degree of doneness that varies from cut to cut.

I think loin is best if I want to slice it up for sandwich meat, but Butts are the king for making pulled pork.
Yep - It definately depends on wha you plan to do with it once smoked.
agree with Cajun - I like to pull butts and slice loins!

very good comments, im still very new to this forum, but im addicted I have learned so much already, I converted this 1938 vintage Frigadaire refrigerator, I tested it last week, smoked some baby back ribs, used the 3-2-1 method, talk about fall off the bone, this weekend im haveing a party and the friend that gave me the refer i converted is comming so i want to impress them, im doing smoked sausage(by the way do we refer to them as fatties here?) and 2 pork butt roasts, i have smoked chicken and turkey and used a brine with much sucess, dont know if these pork butts will benefit with a brine but by saturday they will have been in the brine for about 30 hrs, ill let you all know, i will insert garlic cloves thru slits i cut in the roast and a rub. party starts at 5:00 pm so i plan on putting the meat on about 530 am. im excited
stiffyman, congrats on the ribs, glad they came out for you. Sounds like you're gonna make a BIG impression with the cook you have planned. You asked about fatties... fatties are breakfast sausage chubs, everything else you can refer to by name e.g. Polish sausage, summer sausage, pepperoni, salami etc.

You usually don't have to brine pork butts, but hey it's your world and it won't hurt. Just hope you didn't use too much salt. Easy on the salt in the rub. How big are the butts? Be sure to allow for a minimum of 1.5 hrs per pound to allow them to finish. Good Luck

Keep Smokin
thanks there both about 5 lbs, the sausage is that type you can get at most grocery stores is not breakfast sausage
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