Pork Loin Jerky

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Oct 25, 2016
I've trimmed, sliced and marinated pork loin and have it in MES 30 smoker with apple wood chips. Smoker temp set to 165 deg. How long do I need to smoke the jerky to have the perfect end product. I'm new to smoking and need all the help I can get.
That all depends upon the thickness of the slices, the moisture content, and your humidity levels.

I'd start checking after 4 hours or so and do the bend test.  You want it dry enough that when bent it begins to break a bit and show fibers, but not snap in half.

Also, to really know how it is, the piece you test has to be cool (room temp).

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Never made Pork Jerky but using an MES you may want to get some more thermo probes to monitor the CC

It's really a personal preference. How dry do you like your jerky? It's all about texture and depending on every thing CB mentioned is how long it will take.
Thanks for all the help. After 7 hours I removed all the meat from the smoker and here's what I learned.
1- commercially prepared marinate products were very mild and not nearly as one I found on the internet and adjusted to what I had in hand
2- consistency on thickness of slices is perhaps the single most important thing when making jerky
3- started temp at 165 but was unable to"see" thin blue smoke coming out of smoker, Kicked temp up to 210 for about an hour and finally saw the perfect TBS coming outta the vent. Lowered temp to 165 and let it go.
4-Cooked about 7 hours and removed from smoker. Let meat cool to to room temp and did the "bend" test. Some was overdone ( the 1/2" x 3/8" strips) and flavor was very mild. 1/4 " slices I cut full size of pork loin had very good flavor and were " jerky" style consistency I'm familiar with

Overall I'm pleased and will be better prepared next time.
Thanks for a. The help "Smokers"
EXCELLENT learning experience... In the future I suggest you use a smoke generator such as one of the A MAZ N pellet smoker (found here, http://www.amazenproducts.com/ ) ... As you found out the MES will not produce smoke from chips at lower temps... when you crank the heat up you are essentially cooking instead of drying ... 165` is still a little high (my opinion) for drying...

When meat is sliced inconsistently you must check for dryness more often and removing smaller pieces that dry first... It is very tough at best to slice consistent slices by hand... for uniformity a slicer is needed with the meat being partially frozen when slicing ..
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