Pork/Chicken Bologna - First Try Smoking Bologna

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Original poster
Jan 28, 2014
West TN
Sunday was such a warm day than what we have been having, I had to smoke something.

Got the Smoker Out.                     Sliced the bologna within 2" of the bottom         Covered with Mustard.

30" Masterbuilt                             Cut the bottom off to make it sit flat.     

Covered with Big Henry's Texas Pig Rub and put 2 skures in to hold together.       Placed in Smoker at 225 for 2 hours

                                                                                                                      Used Cherry wood chips the whole time.    

The finished product!  Took some to work and everyone that tried it loved it.

I would recomend using the cut off piece for snacking NOT smoking.  Cooked too long for that small a piece.

Come on Spring,

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Jeff suggested slicing the bologna in one of his articles to get the seasoning down into the meat.  No other reason, seemed to work well.  Gonna try beef bologna next tie with BBQ sause and another rub.
Barbecued bologna is a staple here in the south. Many bbq joints slice it about an inch thick then smoke it the dunk it in sauce and put on a bun with slaw. Yummy
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