Pork Butt is done already and I'm not eating til 6!!!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by mattyoc20, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. mattyoc20

    mattyoc20 Smoke Blower

    Title says it all.  Will the butt be ok in the cooler for 3.5-4 hours?  My smoker did run a little hotter than i usually do.  I try to keep it at 235.  My smoker was running around 245 the entire time but the 10.5 lbs butt only took 8 hours??? whats up with that?
  2. mdboatbum

    mdboatbum Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    It'll likely still be almost too hot to touch at 6 if you wrap it well and your cooler is preheated with boiling water. As for the speedy smoke, it just happens sometimes.
  3. sacedbysapp

    sacedbysapp Meat Mopper

    Did you check the temp in few spots on your buttto make sure wasnt false reading?
  4. mattyoc20

    mattyoc20 Smoke Blower

    Just checked a few spots on the butt and that sucker is done.  Im reading 201 right now im going to try and drag it out to 205
  5. timberjet

    timberjet Master of the Pit

    Yep, double wrap that puppy and cooler it with some towels until dinner time. It will be great!
  6. timberjet

    timberjet Master of the Pit

    I would double check whatever you are using for chamber temp. I'm betting you were running 300 plus.
  7. mattyoc20

    mattyoc20 Smoke Blower

    Im using a Ivation digital thermo and i have checked it so i know it works.
  8. timberjet

    timberjet Master of the Pit

  9. bear55

    bear55 Master of the Pit

    Double wrap it in foil and then in a couple of towels and into an empty ice chest all is well.
  10. If you have a good cooler, I only use 5-7 day coolers there is no need for even towels. 4 hours later you'll still be hard pressed to pull with bare hands. The longer butts rest the better.
  11. damon555

    damon555 Smoking Fanatic

    If you let a pork butt rest in a well insulated cooler wrapped in foil and towels for 4-6 hours it will be about as perfect as you can get it.....even if there was an error in your cooking. A nice long rest is a very good thing.....

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