Pork butt and beans

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May 21, 2006
Monroe, La
Well I ended up getting another pork butt to smoke this weekend :P . I think it is Meowey's fault. :mrgreen: Rubbed down last night with my normal rub and refrigerated overnight then put in smoker this morning at 09:00 at 225. Here's the pics so far,

Butt this morning before hitting the grate.

Two chunks of cherry and a split of pecan for smoke,

Added a pan of Dutch's Wicked baked beans with double jalepeno at 1:30, Butt is at 150 when this pic was taken at 2:00,

Will try to post final pics later if me and Mr Miller High Life don't overdo it. 8)
Mmmmmm. As I choke on my cold chicken sandwich here at work. Not even any left over Q under my fingernails to smell as I look at your pics. Enjoy your smoke, I'm sure it will be perfect. I'll wait for the pics.

Sorry about that :mrgreen: (ho,ho!) I'm sure you remember the pics of the butts I posted this past Tuesday. I fed 6 (2 servings each) that evening and then packed up the remaining pulled pork to the freezer. My older son took half of that back to college with him on Thursday and my wife took the rest to Pennsylvania yesterday. Her sister rode the train up here and is being taken back by my wife. They will stop to see my father-in-law on the way and feed the pulled pork to him. I may have to get the two pack of butts out of the freezer and smoke.

Your pics look like there is gonna be some good eats at your place. I'm going to have to try those beans.


I'm glad you have the order right, with the butt over the beans! That combo really makes a difference with the dripping added to the beans. I'm stuck at work, so no Q this weekend. However, I might need a break from cooking after last weekend...
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