Porcupine damages

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ella rollins

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Aug 7, 2016
Hello all,

I am maintaining my backyard garden and neighbors told me that my garden looks beautiful even if it is small. I was very happy all these days looking after my garden. Recently I happened to hear some noises in my backyard which I often used to refuse. Two days ago I was really shocked to see my garden. My whole garden was damaged and something had dug hole in my garden. I was so much worried and tried to redo my garden and somehow managed to fix it temporarily. Yesterday night my pet dog barked at something and within few seconds he cried out of pain. I went to check what happened and saw a porcupine running in my garden. My dog was seriously hurt in the face and mouth. It had numerous porcupine quills embedded in its face. I took him to the nearby veterinary physician and he's undergoing treatment. 

I have to somehow get rid of that little but dangerous creature. I don't have any idea on how to get rid of it. I was thinking of calling Humane animal removal Toronto.  If you have any suggestion to get rid of it permanently, please let me know. I am scared to go near it, because I don't want to face the same horrible situation like my dog. Any safe solutions are greatly welcomed. Thanks in advance.
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That's a good idea.. But unfortunately I'm not good in shooting .. Can electric fences keep them away???
Ella, an electric fence could work. You would probably need two strands of wire to keep things from going under or over. Maybe use the white horse electric fence tape. Two inches wide and adds a visual.

Also, if you were to look it up. There are many different types of audible deterants.
Noise makers that are triggered by a motion sensor.

Another option might be some fox or coyote urine. You can find it in most sporting goods stores.
Sprinkle it around the garden to keep pests away. Not sure if it would work for your pricky pine...

As Al said, easiest is to shoot the dang thing, but I gather you would prefer an alternative...

Good luck!
i always find shooting is the best way to get rid unwanted pest, but you could try spray as mentioned, fischer urine might also do the trick, how about a live box trap if you want to remove it without killing it. good luck
I would say "Smokin218R" has the best tricks, other than shooting.

I like the "Havahart"  Live Trap too. I think Home Depot sells them. You would need the bigger one.

We used to have a problem with them chewing holes in our Outhouse at my Brother's cabin in Pike County. They liked outhouses because they crave the salt.

My Buddy had one at his cabin one night, and almost sat on it in the outhouse.

He went nuts & beat it with a 2 X 4. The 2 X 4 looked like a Comb after that.

Actually in PA it used to be illegal to kill a Porcupine----I was told that was because if someone got lost in the forest, the Porcupine was the easiest thing to kill for survival. Don't know if it's still illegal.

Good Luck!

BTW: I saw a guy get a flat tire by running over part of a road killed Porcupine one time. That was in the days before Steel Belted Radials.

Guns are the best deterrent, but if you are going

with an electric fence buy chicken wire, they cannot get through it.

Your dog will be OK, the quills are very painful,

But, it's almost never a serious injury.

Black pepper sprinkled around your plants . Bar soap saved with a knife around the garden . put hot peppers in a hose end sprayer then fill with water . Let it ferment a couple of days then spray it around the area . 
I'm thinking that a live trap might not be a great idea. After all, somebody has to open the trap and let it out--not me thanks. If you do use a live trap, then just drown it in the trap.

I'm pretty sure its still illegal to kill porkies up here. So if you do, then just shoot, shovel, and shut up.

Other than that, the electric tape fence or chicken wire will work just fine.

Your dog will be fine. A bit sore but nothing serious. Most dogs are smart enough to learn to leave porkies alone after just one encounter.

I have never had this problem, but a friend had a serious problem with raccoons. His answer was to use a can of "Bear Spray" around his garden....not sure if it would last through a hard rain, but being an oil based product I think it would have some longevity. 
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